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      Sunday, April 03, 2011

11:18 AM - 04/03/2011

The topic: The saving grace of dreams


is that part of my mind that knows some of the things happening, really couldn’t happen.  Like our big garage door is blocked by big plastic storage closets.  You can’t even GET to the garage door…that said…

So, I walk past the garage door that opens into the garage from the family room. The big garage door is wide open. I see cats in the front yard, under the vehicles, out by the street.  I start to freak.  What did he do? What was he thinking?  I yell out “BRIAN! Get out here and help me!  You’ve let the cats loose!”  He says “in a minute, I’ll be right there.”  Calmly. 

I run outside, start shooing the cats back inside, shut the big door and start to gather up the cats still outside.  Brian’s still not helping.  “BRIAN!  GET OUT HERE!”  “I’m on my way…”  Nothing, he never made it out to help before the dream morphs into another segment.

I’m by a pool with a friend of mine.  Not in a bathing suit and the friend isn’t immediately recognizable upon wakening.  But we’re by this pool and I see two cats in it. One of them reminds me of Charlie.  There are a couple of people in the pool (I believe it’s cool outside) and they pay no attention to the cats. I watch with amazement as the cats walk on the bottom of the pool.  No problems breathing, they don’t seem in the least bit bothered by the fact that they’re under water. But I am.  I walk into the pool, fully dressed, pick each cat up and set it outside of the pool. They both just sit down and look at me.  Later on, I see their owners packing up and leaving, with the cats following them.

From there, I walk into a building, a large building and I see Teddi Berra, who used to be in the Country Bear Jamboree and would come down from the ceiling on a swing singing “Singing In the Rain”, sitting on a ceiling fan singing “Singing in the Rain”.

Then some cat on top of me slapped a cat to the side of me, some cat jumped over me and woke me up.

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