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      Wednesday, December 25, 2019

12:43 PM - 12/25/2019

The topic: The most wonderful time of the year


So far, this has been a pretty good day.

I took this this morning, standing barefoot on the street.

Sammy is more active, this started the past couple of day. Last night, he let me pick him up, I was laying down on the sofa and he fell asleep on me. His eye seems to be a little better, the puffiness is more localized. It's still draining, maybe this is wishful thinking, but it isn't as much as it had been. He came out into the family room this morning and he actually ate some of the soft food I put in front of him. He's also been eating more kibble from the office feeder. That's huge.

After years of talking about organizing his photos, Brian is actually doing that this morning. He's been working on them for hours today and he only wanted help once and that was when he was getting started. This is a big thing for him and I'm pretty proud of him right now. He'll need more help when it's time to make new folders and move the images, but I think he should catch on quickly.

Pancho had tapeworm remnants around his butt. I ordered some meds from Amazon and he got those yesterday morning. I was kind of worried that he wasn't feeling well when I saw him sitting on the lawn with his head down. Turns out the reason for that was he was listening/watching for gophers. Late yesterday afternoon, I saw him on the patio eating some internal organs.

He was back out there this morning watching for more rodents. Guess last night's was pretty tasty.

LBD (Little Bitty Dog), the dog who did not bark, has found the bark. At the cats. It starts off with a low growl, then goes into barking. He needs to learn this is not acceptable and damn it, DON'T CHASE! He can growl all he wants to keep them away from his meals, but when we're all just watching television and he's on his end of the sofa or loveseat and he sees a cat across the room, do not growl.

Our possum buddy was back in the garage yesterday, I spoke with it, it hissing at me. I kept talking and not making any sudden moves or anything and it closed its mouth. It's gone this morning. We're in for more rain starting late tonight, I hope it makes it back. It's safe inside and there's food and water. Cats don't pay any attention to it.

That's about it for now. I need to decide what I'm going to do, if anything. I have a roast cooking in the crockpot, we'll have green beans and mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner. And other than that, my day is free. Yay!

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