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      Tuesday, July 25, 2006

11:51 AM - 07/25/2006

The topic: The good mother


I’m not real up to date on momcats.  The only ones I knew, before Lorelei, were the feral moms.  Like Little Guy, the mom of Sammy, Opie, Richie, DaNiece and Angel. She was a good mom.  Well, I don’t exactly know how good because we snagged the kittens before they had a chance to grow up wild, then she was eaten by a coyote.

Little Bit had two viable litters and we grabbed those babies from her.  But she was only separated from the second litter for a couple of days, when she got spayed. Well, wait, maybe it was a little longer because we had her crated until she had somewhat recovered before letting the kittens in to see her.  And she let them be with her for a couple of weeks, then was done with them.  She didn’t want them near her, growling them away and slapping at them if they crossed her line.

But Lorelei.  Lorelei, man, she’s a good mom.  She loves her babies.  The night she came home from her spay, they were suckling and she was grooming them.  A week later, she’s recovering nicely from the surgery and this morning, I actually watched her playing with Rory on the patio.  I’ve never seen Little Bit play.  Bounce when she runs, yes, but never play. 

Just a little while ago, I was in the bedroom and I saw this:


She's such a good mom!

Last October I met an acquaintance about 90 minutes from here to pick up a momma cat and her 5 kittens that had been rescued from a campground where a bunch of monsters, I mean boys, were trying to bury the kittens in the sand.  The kittens were about 4 or 5 weeks old when I got them and were eating solid food but still nursing on Mom.  Scully was an awesome momma cat.  She was so calm and loving.  The kids nursed her after her spay surgery (I can’t remember if I kept her separate from them or just let her work it out) and continued to nurse on her right up until the day I took them to my shelter’s adoption center at Petsmart where they were gone within a week to their forever homes - they were 3 months old by then.  Scully found hers, too, right here!  She was not at all playful or even very lively when she had the kittens though she loved to be petted, but once the kids were gone and her milk dried up she turned into one of the most playful, crazy, talkative cats I’ve ever had.  I’d never had any experience with momma cats before Scully, but she made my fostering easy.  And now I have 2 more kids to foster for a while, but no momma kitty for them, just me.

Posted by Lisa @ Tuesday, July 25, 2006 - 9:23:43 PM

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