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      Monday, February 02, 2009

08:52 AM - 02/02/2009

The topic: The dinner cam


I’ve got it up and running again.  Started it Saturday night.  I thought it would be better moved to a different place, where it didn’t get knocked around so much and accidentally out of focus.  The garage is on the other side of the house from the office and it was a pain to run in there, adjust the lens, run back here, see if it made a difference.  If it still needed adjustment, I had to go back out there.  So, I decided I wanted to move it to a place that would be more secure.  I thought hanging it from the rafters would be good, to look down on the dining cats.

I told Brian this and he told me he’d do it, to not do it myself, he didn’t think I’d be safe enough.  And he didn’t want me falling from a ladder.  He was supposed to do it yesterday morning, but he went off to play on his new baby tractor over at his bro’s house (his bro is building a new garage).  I didn’t do anything with the camera, I waited until he got home.  He tried various places in the rafters, but the cable turned out to be a problem.  He asked if placing it on the wall, above where it had been before would be an issue and I said “it should be fine”.  So, he got something out in his shop, came in, attached that to the wall and situated the camera on it.  And we had immediate focus and it will be very hard to accidentally move it.

Because the resolution of the camera didn’t translate right when viewing it live, I set the size back to 320 x 240. But then the table background was too big and I tried adjusting that, just with code, instead of resizing the actual graphic.  For some reason, the file I uploaded (and in doing so, overwriting the original) was the wrong file and the front page of the dinner cam was all messed up.  It was the home page of http://www.catcam.us !  And I had no working copy of the correct dinnercam page.  banghead

I spent the next forty-five minutes trying to do a quick fix of the page and just wasn’t having much luck (that’s what happens when I’m in a hurry).  Then I remembered something someone had mentioned a while back, when the same thing happened to them.

Google Caching.  Where you can look back at previous versions of a webpage.

Thank God for this caching system, I found my code there and copied the source code and pasted it onto the dinnercam home page (don’t know why my FTP client reverted to the root directory on my computer instead of staying in the dinner cam directory).  The only thing I had to fix was the ‘how many people online’ code and it was working like a dream.

And I properly changed the table background, I resized the image itself instead of getting lazy with it.

I also had uploaded an old version of the catcam front page.  There was no link to the dinnercam, only three cats linked at the bottom.  Luckily, I still had the correct updated version in a different file.

I hate it when stuff like that happens, I didn’t even know it until I checked to see how my changes looked.

But the dinnercam is back in action.

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