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      Thursday, December 19, 2013

08:05 AM - 12/19/2013

The topic: It’s raining!


Woohoo!  It's supposed to rain almost all day. What a great thing to wake up to! I love it! (For those of you who get way too much precip, either rain, hail or snow, if we got as much as you, I'd most likely not love it quite so much...downer).

Great day for a movie matinee. Maybe go see Catching Fire before it's gone.

Hey, which brings me to another thought. How come Catching Fire was only in IMAX for three weeks? Then the IMAX is gone and it's just on a regular screen? Yet Thor, which opened before Catching Fire, is still playing in Real 3D? Doesn't make much sense. But then there are only so many theaters that do the IMAX and the Hobbit is playing on those screens now.

Well, a regular screen is better than no screen and it's a lot cheaper, too. I've got some passes I bought years ago (in my grasshopper days), so we can use those and most likely not pay a cent. That's good.

And I have a certificate for a one pound box of See's Candies that I was given when AAA screwed up the passes Brian bought for the Disneyland trip last October.

Oh, I never mentioned that, did I?

Okay, we had it planned out that we'd buy the three day parkhopper passes from AAA so we could get in on Saturday, then upgrade to the cheapest annual pass (which doesn't include Saturdays; a far cry from our grasshopper days...mail). We waffled between the two day parkhopper and the three day parkhopper, but we'd still have to add enough to whichever for the upgrade, so all told, it was going to cost us the same. We went with the three day in case we got there early enough on Thursday to hit a park or maybe on Sunday morning; or maybe take advantage of Saturday's early morning entry. Early morning was included in the three day pass, not the two day.

Well, we're packing the car Thursday afternoon and I look at the paper passes that Brian had bought and picked up earlier on his rounds. What the hell? Each pass was gone for one park each day, for two days? We paid for three day park hoppers! So, I run in the house and call. Being a little anal compulsive, I was upset that this monkey wrench had been thrown into our plans. Time was of the essence, we were going to be hitting traffic, we wanted to get checked into the room before heading over to the RainForest Cafe, where we'd meet up. I had all the shirts to distribute and some other stuff to hand out (which I'll show in my actual crafty Disney meet entry). This was the first year I figured I could pack them at the hotel room, then take them over. Previous years, they're in individual bags when we leave the house. I'm freaking. I mean, I'm freaking out. Something I do well.

I call on one line. I keep getting the message that the lines are busy, they'll get to me when they can. After ten minutes of this, I pick up another phone line and call the same number on that line. Get right through. I hang up the other phone, the one that's still on hold (I grrr multiple lines!). I try to not speak at a supersonic speed, but I talk fast on a slow day. It isn't easy to remember to breathe. They put me on hold. Meanwhile, the car is packed, we're ready to go. I have to hang up. I call on Brian's cell since we're leaving. I get put on hold again. Doesn't matter, we're headed down there. It's twenty minutes away. I hang up. I hand his phone back to him.

They call back ("thank goodness for caller ID!" she says). She was asking which hotel we're staying at, they'd FAX the correct passes there. I told her it didn't matter, we were heading to AAA to make the exchange. We hit every light yellow or red. The traffic light gods are not with us today. I was not pleased and in repeated strings of colorful expletives, I let them know exactly how I felt. They showed no mercy. We kept htting yellow or red lights. Every. Single. One. Brian pulls into the parking lot and I'm out of the car with the wrong passes in my hand (you'd never know I'd taken a Xanax when this all started) before the engine has been turned off.

They were waiting for me. Had the passes printed out and we were all set. And for the inconvenience, they gave me a gift certificate for a one pound box of See's. (I remember muttering to myself "how about the last hour of my life? I'd rather have that back.")

On the way up, I called the folks we were meeting with. They were able to get the reservations moved up an hour, so it all worked out nicely.

Maybe I'll get that candy today, since we'll be at that mall. Something with chocolate and caramel. Yum!

And a movie. Even better. 

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