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      Saturday, June 03, 2006

07:49 AM - 06/03/2006

The topic: Summer


One of the things I really like about the summer season, are some of the insects.  Not the wasps and the mosquitos, I don’t like those at all.  But I do enjoy the ladybugs and the dragonflies that hang out around the pool.

I’ve gotten some shots of the dragonflies in the past.  It was one of the largish red/brown flies and I got it sitting on the end of a palm frond.  There have also been blue dragonflies and last summer, I actually got one to land on my finger while I was in the pool. Now, that might be pretty high on some peoples’ “ick meter”, but it was pretty high on my “way kewl meter”.  I really wanted to get a picture of it, but by the time I decided this was doable, the dragonflies were gone. 

I kept waiting for them to show up again, but I didn’t see one the rest of the season.

So, imagine my delight when they’re back already.  My first pool day this year was Thursday and the dragons were out.  There are two of them.  And in no time, one of them was landing on my finger. I was so excited. I know that sound really weird, but I was.

Anyway, yesterday, we did the same thing. I know that bugs probably don’t play, but one of them followed me as I walked through the pool and, once I had my hand in the air, was more than happy to land on a finger.  I’d slowly bring down my hand and could see the fly close up (which really wasn’t any help since my nearsighted vision is crap).  Then the fly would fly off, then come back. 

During this play, a ladybug made a crash landing into the pool.  I walked over and scooped it up, then over to the side of the pool.  I opened my hand and stretched my fingers over the concrete, waiting for it to either get onto the surface or fly away.  It didn’t, it started walking up my little finger and up my palm.  At the same time, the dragonfly lighted on my index finger.  Oh, how I wished I’d had the camera.  My two fave summer insects on me at the same time. 

I finally did go into the house to get the camera.  And I got a few shots and even a little movie of the dragonfly.  The movie is on the “more” page, it’s pretty big, 98mb, which is why I didn’t put it here. 


I was just like a little kid with that dragonfly.  So excited, so thrilled.  I tried to get both of them to land on my hands, but I could only get one at a time.



I agree, ladybugs and dragonflies are really neat.  I also love praying mantises.  Not only are they willing to sit on your hand, but also they help keep the plant-eating bugs out of your garden.

Posted by Trudy @ Saturday, June 03, 2006 - 11:47:16 AM

It’s a ‘WOW I Like It’ thing for me, too!
Hope to see more pics as they visit you.

Posted by Bobbie @ Sunday, June 04, 2006 - 7:51:38 AM

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