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      Sunday, May 29, 2005

09:17 AM - 05/29/2005

The topic: Story contest!


I think this might be fun.  A new contest.  The winner gets a half of an ounce of Benny Da Kat’s Finest Kind Homegrown Catnip ($5.00 value!).

Okay, here are the rules:

—>The story must be based on the picture shown

—>The story must be exactly one hundred words, no more, no less

—>The story must be posted using the comment box, any other type of submission will be ignored

—>The contest is open until this post scrolls off of the page

—>Don’t forget to include a way to contact you

Okay, and here’s the picture that needs a story….


Have fun! big grin

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He loves to climb up here and spy on people, but this is something new. The old lady next door is working in her yard. She is nude! She is singing! It’s so funny to see people nude - they have no fur. She looks like a hairless cat with all those wrinkles.

When he was a homeless stray, this kind lady had fed him. He is not surprised to see a little cat tattoo on her shoulder. He decides to catch a nice rat to bring to her, but he will wait until she’s dressed. He is always a gentleman!

Posted by mag @ Sunday, May 29, 2005 - 2:56:06 PM

Ha, now’s my chance.  I know I can make it.  The guards are busy with the other prisoners.  They won’t know I’m missing until it’s too late.  I can hide in these bushes and they’ll never know I’m here.  They’ll look for me farther away.

Just a few more inches; I should have eaten better when I had the chance.  I’d have more energy. Why didn’t I steal some rope?  I don’t even have a backpack!  Oh no, I hear the guards.  Gotta dig in and get over this last hump.  Just a little more.  I hear dogs.  I’m gone!

Posted by Linda @ Sunday, May 29, 2005 - 3:31:06 PM

aha, look at that, Jr. was right she is prettier without her panties on..I wonder just how long I can hang up here without being seen, yoohoo Daisy, here look up, it’s me, Richie, oh drats, here comes that nibby nose Jr. hey Daisy you wanna go out with me tonight, huh I can’t hear you, Brian is running that weedeater again, what did you say, oh hey help, bonk bonk boing, I fell.. Oh now here comes meowmie, I’m ok mom, oh how embarrassing.. No I don’t need a vet. Please go back in the house meowmie..

Posted by Viv @ Sunday, May 29, 2005 - 4:58:06 PM

She?s not gonna find me, she?ll never find me. I kinda blend in, don?t I? She can?t see that well anyways, can she? I should never have even *tried* to sneak that piece of chicken off her supper plate! How am I going to get down now? Man, am I going to get it when she finds me. I wasn?t even able to eat it! She is going to be FUMING when she see?s me hiding. This?ll teach me to listen!

What!? No, I?m not doing what you think I?m doing!

No, Richie?s not here.

It?s just us fence posts.

Posted by Tamara @ Sunday, May 29, 2005 - 6:28:06 PM

Whatcha doin?

Shhh, Ciara not so loud!

Whatcha lookin at?

Some lady.

Ma says shes not a lady.

I know, she screeches a lot.

Who, ma?

No the lady who’s not a lady.

What she doin?

Pickin up tree needles.


How should I know?

Well you’re lookin at her!

Don’t you have somewhere to go?

Not right now.

Hey, shes moving over here.

What for?

Ciara, quiet!

Are you gonna come down?

In a minute.

Maybe you should now.

Wow! Look at that.



I’m telling!


You’re a brat!

Are not!

Are too!

Fine! I’m getting down.

Posted by Wilkal @ Sunday, May 29, 2005 - 7:50:06 PM

My lady is ill. The leech says that no human being can cure her.

But we know of the Herb that Cures All. It is difficult to reach: up the slopes of the Black Mountain and atop the Sheer Fence. ?Grimalkin,? my lady said once, ?if anything ever happens to me, would you go up the Black Mountain to find me the Herb that Cures All??

?Certainly,? I purred.

The leech says no human being can cure my lady. I would laugh, but then I would drop the herb, and I must carry it all the way back to town.

Posted by Rahel @ Monday, May 30, 2005 - 11:27:06 AM

Now wet me seez here. I clim dez fenze like Gimpy sez to do and ize luk ober an now ize can seez wot he waz taking bout. Der it iz. Der iz de big circus twain. He said wook at de las cage an ize can see a big bootiful cat dere. Hey ize seez a big cat dat wooks lik me.it sez Tiger on da cage! I mus be a Tiger! ize can roar like a Tiger. Grrrrrrrrrrrr ack ack ack phooey yuk. ize alergic to weeds.Gimpy Ray nue dis, achooo!he neu ize gonna sneez.

Posted by kandy @ Monday, May 30, 2005 - 5:03:06 PM

You know, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.  Handsome talked me into it.  He said there was some pretty piece of lady cat on the other side, but what I see ain’t pretty and ain’t a lady.  Maybe if I wait here long enough that real lady we live with will come get me down.  I don’t even remember how I got up.  Who knew I could jump this high!  No tree branches to use.  Just straight down wood.  I’m gonna get Handsome for this.  I just hope I don’t get any splinters.  Help!  Anyone!  Anyone!  Bueller!  Never again.

Posted by Lisa @ Tuesday, May 31, 2005 - 2:42:06 PM

Upon a fence I peek and see

some other kitty looking back at me.

Should I hang and look all day

so maybe the other will come and play?

I wish the tree would move a bit

and the wire was gone so I could sit.

My claws are sharp and I’ll remain

on this fence though it looks insane.

Sometime soon the sun will set

and Ma will shout “Richie” down you get.

So you ask “Why are you here?”

I am a cat and have no fear.

Upon a fence lookin out,

this is what it’s all about!

Posted by Wilkal @ Tuesday, May 31, 2005 - 2:46:06 PM

Richie 007 was on his first spy cat mission.  He’d just watched a James Bond marathon and he was ready!

He peered stealthily over the fence, silent as a grave, not a whisker moved.

The object of his mission, some weird neighbor lady, bent to her pine needles, unaware that the incredible Richie 007 was on the job.

Brave, wonderful Richie 007, he was practically invisible…the greatest spy cat ever!

He cleared his throat…“Psst!  Psst!  Hey lady!  Look at me!  I spying on you!!!”

Oh wonderful Richie 007, the other kitties will sing songs of your greatness forever.

Posted by Naf @ Tuesday, May 31, 2005 - 10:04:06 PM

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