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      Monday, July 24, 2006

08:29 AM - 07/24/2006
We found a dime and two pennies on our walk this morning

The topic: Still the weather


It’s still miserable.  I know we’re not the only miserable place in the country and I know that other places are more miserable (which I find hard to imagine, because I don’t think I could be any more miserable).

We ran the A/C this weekend and it was nice.  Until the A/C tried to get to 80°.  Then it ran and ran and ran.  Last night, I’d shut it off for a half hour, then turn it back on for ten minutes.

Yesterday morning, we went to breakfast.  We headed up to Descanso, where there is a nice little restaurant called “The Descanso Junction”.  Good food, reasonable prices.  Portions are too big, though, I never finish. Anyway, on the way up we saw smoke from a fire.  While we were eating, we saw firetrucks going by. The fire was in an area known as Japatul (Hap-uh-tool).  Last night, our sky down here was filled with smoke from the fires that were spreading.  Lots of areas evacuated.

Before we went shopping (really low on dry cat food), Brian was out talking to a friend who dropped by.  I finished cleaning the litterboxes and took the bag o crap out to the dumpster. I went up to listen in on the conversation, adding an occasional comment.  The discussion got around to the heat and I told them that I was certain the oil companies are behind this weather.  So us hot saps out there in pay for your use land will be screwed even more deeply. I just know they’ve got some sort of “turn up the heat” machinery and they’ve changed the weather to their advantage.  And the visitor laughed and said “and I bet somehow Bush is behind it”.  Yeah!  Yeah!  Those oil people are his chums, they’re all in the same category and I bet the gummint known as Dubya is letting his buds use gummint top secret stuff to make us all so freaking miserable. Hey, Dubya does lots of stuff he doesn’t want people to know that he’s doing, I bet that’s it.


My parents moved to Florida from Alabama last year because they wanted to go somewhere warmer.  After our warm weather here the last few weeks, I told them I should move down there because it’s colder there!  There was one day last week when I thought my AC was about to die, but it rallied and now we are a little bit cooler right now.

Posted by Lisa @ Monday, July 24, 2006 - 1:07:01 PM

My Mom’s cat, Scruffy (he’s beautiful except he got in fights and his ears are scruffy looking), has been absolutely miserable, he has long hair, not thick like Benny.  But between the fans in ‘his’ windows and the heat and humidity, he has not been a happy camper, and tells anyone who will listen to him.  For Salem OR, having the heat over 100 in July is not usual, and we are all uncomfortable.

Posted by May Ellen @ Monday, July 24, 2006 - 3:30:00 PM

Well heck yeah! you know he’s behind it…you don’t want me to get started!! LOLOL!!! I’m with you on all that for sure.

Am so glad to hear Handsome is doing better now. Have been concerned about him and about you all and that fire down there…am sending the good energy for it to all get put out.

We have 2 longhair kitties who we have to get shaved, one has to be masked because we can’t even get near him with scissors. We usually run the A/C but like you, I don’t like it running all the time.

Take care!

Posted by Mary @ Monday, July 24, 2006 - 8:09:50 PM

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