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      Thursday, September 14, 2006

10:27 AM - 09/14/2006

The topic: Spambots


I hate spambots.  Spambots are the reason that you can’t just leave a comment here, but you have to fill in that extra space with the numbers and letters you see in the graphic.  Spambots are the reason I’ve got the same type of thing on all of my guestbooks.  Spambots are the reason I had problems with my trackbacks here on the journal.  Luckily, I found that Expression Engine has a workaround for trackback spam, which works nicely.

In the control panel for my websites, there are many ways of seeing visitors, the error messages that are being generated.  The error messages let me know when a non-existent page is getting hits (the 404 error message) or when someone is trying to get into a protected page (the 403 error message).  Years ago, I had a couple of the old style CGI forums set up (they were like the current Boardhost boards).  They were attacked by spambots and I had to disable them all, because it put a hurt on the server where my sites reside.  Using up 96% of the CPU at times of the day when no one was around.

So, I left the forums up so they could be read, but there could be no activity on them.  No posting.  No replying.  They were read only.  But the spambots kept trying to hit them.  I changed the directory name of the boards.  So, the bots have nothing to hit.  I get hundreds of hits to non-existent pages now, from these bots.  Luckily, one of the options available in my control panel is the ability to see where the hits are coming from.   I know they’re bogus, but they give me a link to the sites that these spambots would link to, if they could post on the forums. 

I do a little research and sometimes I find contact pages.  And the contact pages have the exact information that a post on a forum would have.  Name, email, URL and comment, then submit.  So, I’ve started redirecting the spambots to those pages.  I sure hope that the bots are filling in these forms and submitting them.  It would be so nice to know that the spammers are spamming themselves.

The casino spam has dropped way off since I started this.  Then it went to auto insurance and that’s slowed down.  I still get a few, but not many.  Today, I’m getting spam for loan companies.  You know the same jerks run the pages that they’re trying to give the URL for, because each and every one looks exactly alike.  The only difference is the domain name.

Let’s see how long these take to go away. 

I’m getting bomarded with Investor alert spams. They are driving me crazy along with the usual enlargement ones.

Posted by Norah @ Saturday, September 16, 2006 - 5:27:46 PM

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