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      Monday, December 17, 2018

09:27 AM - 12/17/2018

The topic: So, you’ve seen my first


Back in November, I shared photos taken during the assembly of my first Heirloom Christmas tree. Here are the shots from the most recent tree, the green one. This one is going to my vet this afternoon.

The assembly of this was just like the first one. I'd cut them out at the same time, but had some new ideas for the second tree.

For the base I went with a plain red cardstock. I used a red mirrored cardstock for the panels. It was too dull, needed something more. So, I dug through my big box of embellishments and came up with Jolee's Boutique Dimensional Christmas Present stickers. I think you'll agree, they worked out nicely.

There are twenty photos over in my gallery. In the gallery, you can click on the photo to get a much bigger image. If you're so inclined. And as always, clicking on a photo here will take you to that photo in the gallery. Where you can see it bigger. If you're so inclined.

Okay, so here's the finished tree:

It started like this:

There was some gluing (putting the mirrored panels on the base piece).

Next, the stickers on the panels. Easier to do this before assembly.

The very bottom of the base has its own set of panels. I printed these out myself from a file I got over on Etsy. If you're into printing your own paper, you should check it out. Search for "digital paper" and prepare to be amazed. After they were cut, I embossed them, which turned out to be a waste of time, then I used Ranger Stickles glitter glue around the edges. When they were dry, I put them on the bottom base panels (on which I'd sprayed shimmer spray) before gluing them to the bottom base. (Yeah, three layers on the very bottom.)

The very bottom base with the panels added.

The base almost assembled. The lamp is in position. Base one and base two are ready for docking and that finishes off the base of the tree.

Sagwa oversees assembly of the tree itself. You can see how that's done at this link.

I went with a different star for this tree. I wasn't really thrilled with the star topper that came with the file, so I grabbed one from the Silhouette Design Store ( look for 3D Star, artist Jennifer Wambach). I had to resize it and after testing with a basic sheet of cardstock, made some changes. I had to make two extra pieces for the "stem" of the star. Then I  recut the glitter paper using two of the unflapped file and glued them at the star points, glued the top of the stem pieces together, and when they'd dried, I slid them inside the star at the bottom, then kinda sorta gently smooshed (industry term) the edges of the two star pieces together and used silver Stickles along the edges to close the gap, holding them together until it was dry enough to let go.

It worked out nicely.

Stickled edges.

Should I make another tree, I'm going to make the stem with the same cardstock as the tree, so when you look at it straight on, it will look like the tree top.

Over in the gallery, there are closeups of the individual panels with the Jolee stickers on them. If you're so inclined to go on over there....

The bird bulbs were a happy accident. I had used all of the gold/yellow bulbs I originally got with the ivory tree. As a matter of fact, I had run out and used clear bulbs. This was back in February and I ordered another bag of the bulbs. But I couldn't find them last week. I searched for hours. Not having any luck, I went over the Amazon to order more, they weren't expensive. But they weren't in stock. Deal breaker. Looking through the other offerings, I saw these little bird bulbs and checked out the sizing on them, would they work with this tree? Yeppers, they sure would. I bought a few bags. And wouldn't you know it, I found the other unopened bag of bulbs in the little box I use to put my supplies that need to be put away. Right where it was supposed to be. But I like the way the little birds look sitting on the tree.  Like I said, a happy accident.

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