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      Sunday, March 28, 2021

06:56 AM - 03/28/2021

The topic: So, I’ve been fully vaccinated!


Got my second shot on Friday. I was a little worn out yesterday, achy, but overall, not too bad. Now, I wait two weeks and I'll be good to go. With a mask, of course. But now the virus shouldn't kill me,

It's still been cold here, but it's changing. It was in the 80s yesterday and we're supposed to get up to 87° today. Add five degrees to that and that's probably closer to what we'll get. I hope it warms up sooner in the day so I can get my day going. Not a fan of cold mornings.

We bought a tv on Amazon in July 2017. A Samsung. A smart tv. I like it. I got it all set up the way I want, can tell Alexa to turn it off or on from any room. It's nice. But last year, it started getting a streak across the top and bottom. And it's gotten worse. If there's a forehead at the top of the screen, there's a red streak across it. A smear of red. It's worse with some colors than others. If it's white? Can't see it. Dark? Can kinda see it. But like the ivory or whatever you want to call it of Caucasian skin, it looks like they were playing with watercolors and need to wash their faces.

It didn't bother Brian as much as it did me. You know when you have a problem in your mouth, like the roof is burned from something hot, or a problem with a tooth, how your tongue won't leave it alone? That's my eyes and those streaks.

I checked my warranty and I bought a four year warranty. I contacted the company on a Thursday, they quickly replied with a service date of the following Tuesday. There was a possibility the television would be taken to a shop. I shopped for a new tv.

I found a nice one on Best Buy and bought it. The next day,  I had a notice from the warranty company that the problem had been resolved. What? No! It hasn't! I contacted them and what happened was they wouldn't be able to fix the television so they put in a refund for the full amount I paid for the television. It was in my account on Tuesday. The new tv had gotten here the previous Friday.

It still hasn't been set up. Brian's been pretty busy.

I don't think Bobby is blind. If he is, he sure hides it well. He's plugging along. Mario has his good days and his bad. He's one of the first cats in the office in the morning because I hand out treats. He likes treats.

We had a definite flea problem going on. I had the meds from last year and split them up. I only had two tubes, but that was plenty for everyone, including stinky dog (he's stinky because he's in bad need of a bath and it's been cold, but he'll get one this coming week, for sure). Not nearly as much scratching as there had been.

I haven't been doing much crafting, just buying supplies. But I realized that I wasn't making anything, just spending money, so just backed off for the time being. What I need to do is to finish organizing what I've got so I don't get duplicates.

We have that television that Brian hung on over they fireplace we don't use in the family room. It's a Roku television (like our new one that's waiting to be set up) and we were using it as a digital photo frame. I had an external hard drive connected to the router and was pulling the photos using the Roku Media Player. But I wanted to add more photos. And the thing choked because there were so many. I tried using an external drive connected directly to the television and that worked. The problem was I had a gazillion duplicate photos. When I post a photo here, there are three copies of the same picture. The original, a photo resized to 2000 pixels wide for the photo gallery and a third resized to 540 for this weblog. For the photo frame, I just want the originals. I have a separate hard drive just for this. I won't be losing anything.

I have over 100,000 photos. With various software, I've gotten it down to under 60,000. I downloaded at least ten different trial versions and I bought the best one for my purpose. The problem? It doesn't work without a license key. And they haven't sent the key yet. I contacted the place who took my payment. No response. I contacted Paypal (I used PayPal because it would be easier to deal with in case of any problems...like not getting my license key) and now I just wait. There are one or two other programs that might work, but I don't want to buy anything else until this matter is resolved.

First world problems.

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