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      Saturday, July 08, 2017

01:18 PM - 07/08/2017

The topic: So, is she losing or gaining weight?


Part of me wants to believe Neecy has put on a little weight. She's not looking so boney.

But then, the other part of me, the realistic part, says that with as much as she's pooping, she's gotta be losing. (Sadly, life experience has taught me that optimism is a lie. It only breaks your heart.)

I'm sure that thing on her neck, one of those thyroid things, I kind of thinking it's called a "goiter" has started to interfere with her swallowing. Which is one of the reasons I think she's so amenable to the Fancy Feast and baby food mix. It's much easier to swallow. I used my last jar of baby food yesterday afternoon, so we went to Walmart last evening.

We got thirty-six jars of baby food. Twelve each of turkey, beef and chicken. All flavors that we have with Fancy Feast. When we got home, I got a jar and a can of food, added a pack of Fortiflora and used a stick blender to mix them together to a liquid consistency. She almost finished it. She was really hungry this morning and I took the little that was left from last night out of the fridge and she turned her nose up at it. There wasn't much, so I did another batch. Once again, she almost finished it. She did a little grooming, then laid down and slept.

So, I'm sitting here, working on the cards and have an idea. I do some research and I'll ask the vet next week if we could try hitting her with both the prednisilone and metronidazole. I have enough metro left for a couple of doses, I gave her a dose not that long ago. I'll give her the pred later this afternoon.

Anyway, back to the weight. I've been thinking about asking Brian about weighing her on his shipping scale (for years he used the old baby scale I got for the cats so long ago, but it finally died), and this afternoon I asked.  He said "where is she?" He grabbed the scale and came inside, she was in the kitchen and he set up the scale. He turned it on, then I put her on it. She weighed 5.5 pounds.

At the vet's office almost four weeks ago, she weight 4.9. So, she's putting on weight. That's a good thing. Yay!

And I'm also going to see about upping her fluids. She's not drinking much (I will really water down food for her to lap up, that works),. but it's so hot. And her skin does not spring back from the pinch test.

So, I'm still hoping she pulls through. I'm not giving up.

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