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      Friday, October 20, 2017

06:52 AM - 10/20/2017

The topic: So, an eventful week comes to a close


Thank God. I certainly hope this is the end of the bad streak.

Rory and Spot are both doing much better. I was a little surprised on Wednesday when the phone rang and it was the clinic we took Rory to last weekend. Calling to confirm her dental on Thursday. The dental that would cost between $800 and $1200. Nope. You can cancel that one. No way would we use that clinic for routine work. Emergencies only. 

When we were at our vet on Monday waiting to pick up Rory and Spot, Brian told Shannon (receptionist) that when that one tech kept asking me questions about Rory's care I said "we're done here".  He finally quit asking me things and got the doctor. Neither cat loves taking their medicine, but both are doing much better today than they were on Monday.

Brian got some not good results on a couple of his blood tests. He goes back in for one on Monday morning and he's getting a colonoscopy on the 30th. One of the problems with those tests where you poop on paper in the toilet and stick that little thing in it, if there's blood, they can't tell where it actually came from. In the colon or from a hemorrhoid. He's worried about both of them. He's not saying much, but watching his internet searches, I know he's worried about both of them.

These are part of the reason we started walking again on Monday. Keep him in your thoughts.

I had ordered some new covers for our printers earlier this month. The vinyl covers I had were custom made fifteen or more years ago and over the years, they got ripped up by the cats. I tried taping them back together and honestly? That was an exercise in futility. They were beyond saving. Anyway, the new ones got here yesterday and I have to admit, they look pretty sharp. It's nice to have a cover for the R1900 that covers the printer AND the ink.

I really like my new phone. I figured out how to make my own personalized message for incoming calls and I think it turned out nicely. I hope anyone who hears it gets a little smile.

And it takes really awesome photos.

I picked up a cold. Not fun. Yesterday I had the sore throat and headache and stuffy nose. Today, the nose is more drippy. Bleh. 

Glad this week is almost done.

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