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      Thursday, July 10, 2008

07:14 AM - 07/10/2008

The topic: Shopping online


I’ve gotta say, the majority of my online shopping experiences are good ones.  Quick response, great prices, and if there’s a problem, most companies are more than happy to help you out.

That said, one of the catalog companies I liked before the internet was The Lakeside Company. Then I found them online.

Oh, my God, what a frustrating experience it is.  Not to place the order, but the filling of the order.  Shortly after it’s ready, you get an email with tracking information from them. And you check out the tracking information and find that it’s just SITTING IN THEIR WAREHOUSE for weeks!  Not getting shipped out, just SITTING THERE.  According to said tracking information, my order was supposed to be here yesterday. It’s not.  And this morning, there’s no new expected date.

And you contact customer service and you get a canned response.  And if you follow up on this, the CSR isn’t much more help than the canned response.

I forgot.  I quit doing business with them because of this and I forgot.  Or maybe I hoped they were better.  But they aren’t.  My shipment has been SITTING IN THEIR WAREHOUSE, ready for shipping, since July 2.   Over a week ago.

So, if you want your order in a timely fashion, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT order from the Lakeside Company.  It sucks. They’ve got a great selection of stuff, wonderful pricing, but their shipping policy negates it all.

Hey, thanks for the heads up.
I was looking at their curtains with butterflies hanging down,
but I’ll look for them elsewhere.

I HATE it when people get your money and then just twiddle their thumbs.  How do they stay in business I wonder?

Posted by Naf @ Thursday, July 10, 2008 - 8:02:39 AM

I once placed an order with those clowns and had the same experience you had.  Not only did it take forever to receive the merchandise, but also one of the items they claimed to have in stock wasn’t available.  I received no notice of this before the order finally arrived.  Now any catalogs I receive from them go from the mailbox straight to the trash can.

Posted by Trudy @ Thursday, July 10, 2008 - 3:11:39 PM

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