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      Saturday, April 26, 2014

08:50 AM - 04/26/2014

The topic: Rocky is in his element


This cat is used to outside. He reminds me of Bobby when he came here, just not as bad. He slept in the garage all day, then when the sun went down, he wanted OUT.  

I'd set the cat doors to in only, but he started pulling at the door. In the garage, when we get the kitties in at night, the door is set to in only and a baby gate is placed diagonally in front of the door so that it can open in, but it's a lot harder to stand in front of the door and pull it inwards, allowing outdoor access that way (hey, cats are smart). Last night, Rocky actually laid between the cat door and the gate. No other kitty could come in. Brian had to watch the door and keep Rocky away from the door so the other cats could come inside. Once all kitties were in, the door was blocked completely with the baby gate. Since he kept pulling at the gate, Brian put a trashcan in front of it.

So, Rocky came inside and laid in front of the cat door in the laundry room. When he figured that wasn't going to work, he started wandering the house and crying a little. 

A storm blew in last night, it was cold, windy and rainy. When I woke up at 4:30 this morning, I opened the sliding door and unblocked the cat door in the garage. I  believe Rocky made it outside. He was back in the garage when we got up for the day. He went out and a lilttle while later, I watched him run down along the bank, back to the side of the shop and dig a little in the wet dirt. I called his name and he came over to me, keeping just out of finger reach, then he went racing across the yard and up the tree (they can't get far, access is blocked to the branches). Then he went back to the side of the house where the garage door is.

He's getting the hang of the cathouse. And it looks like he's going to fit right in.


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