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      Friday, April 27, 2018

04:41 PM - 04/27/2018

The topic: Rocky is home


We pulled all of the food up last night, so he was pretty hungry this morning. He wasn't the only one, but they had to wait.

Took him in a little after nine and the waiting started. As far as I knew, the surgery would start at two in the afternoon.

At 3:30, I picked up my cell phone to see how he did and it vibrated. I answered it, it was Rocky's vet. Rocky did well.

He described what he'd done, cutting beyond the ruined part of the toe and getting as much of the fungus as he could off. He also soaked the paw in Betadine for ten-fifteen minutes, then flushed it thoroughly with saline. He told me that the lump on Rocky's back was definitely smaller and he wasn't sure he should do the amputation, but he decided it would be the best thing in the long run. We take him in on Wednesday to have his bandages changed and on the following week, he can get his stitches out. He said eventually we won't be able to tell anything was done. He said we could pick up Rocky at four.

This was good news because Brian was really upset over the entire thing. He felt so guilty that Rocky's paw had gotten so bad.

Still having money from the sale of his Bronco, Brian paid cash. The vet only charged half of what he normally would for this surgery. The anesthesia was expensive, but it was isoflurane, which has a quicker recovery time. And someone sent money to our vet account yesterday, which was really appreciated.

Once out of the carrier, Rocky started running around the house, he wanted out, Brian opened the door and Rocket ran outside and under the tractor. A minute later he was in back inside. I saw him pulling at the bandage on his front leg, so I took that off of him. Last I saw, he was in the bottom basket, drinking water from the little bowl.

When he was running, it was really nice to see him not kicking that paw. It's bandaged, but that big lump is gone.

When we were paying the bill, and waiting for them to bring him out to us (he was eating) the receptionist said when the doctor was looking over what he was doing today, he said "I can't do that paw, this cat has crypto". She told him we said that he said this may need to be done. I guess when he saw it, he could understand why we brought him in.

Pain meds were sent home with him and I'm glad he'll be okay.

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