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      Saturday, May 24, 2014

08:59 AM - 05/24/2014

The topic: Roadrunner Pharmacy in Phoenix Arizona Sucks.


They really, really suck. And I'm looking into finding a different compounding pharmacy. I do NOT want to deal with these assholes ever again. 

The rutin for Captain was ordered by my vet on Tuesday. The pharmacy called here early  Wednesday morning for shipping and payment information. Since there was no sign of it yet, I called the vet's office yesterday. It hadn't even been shipped out yet! I called our local Sprouts store and they have it in stock, but not compounded, just in tablet form. No problem. 

I called Roadrunner and asked to cancel the order since it hadn't yet shipped. "I have to have my team captain call you back" was what I was told. And when she called back, I was told that UPS had already picked up the shipment and it should be here Tuesday. That it was too late to cancel. 

This is something that can quite possibly help Captain. I mean, really, really help him. The sooner he starts it, the better.

We went to Sprouts and I picked up a bottle of 100 pills for just over $14.00 (includes tax). That's a one hundred day supply for fourteen bucks. The stuff from Roadrunner was $45.00 for a twenty day supply.

When we got home, I split the tablets with a pill splitter, ground up a quarter tablet and added water. Too much water. I ruined another one, but realized that a quarter tablet wasn't really that big. I figured I'd try giving him a quarter pill at a time to see how he took it. And he took it without a problem.

If I'd have known this Tuesday, we'd have been that much farther along in his treatment. At least he'll be getting three and a half days more than he'd have gotten if I'd waited for the shipment from the RR assholes.

Oh, and I left a review on Yelp. Yesterday I read the reviews and they're really not good. Especially the ones that were deemed by the Yelp algorhythm as "unhelpful", the ones that didn't count. A lot of unhappy customers.

It's not often that I hang up on someone, but I did yesterday. I hung up on Summer. Same person mentioned in many of the bad reviews.

Roadrunner Pharmacy? YOU SUCK!

Here's a webpage with information on treating a cat with rutin. I hope we'll be as successful with Captain.

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