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      Wednesday, March 07, 2018

08:57 AM - 03/07/2018

The topic: Rewards, rewards, rewards!


Back when we used our credit cards on a regular basis, I saved up enough rewards to drop the cost of our annual Disney passes to under two hundred bucks.

Those days are long gone. Credit cards are rarely used. The rewards we get from Costco are spent at Costco, just for regular shopping.

And I've spent the occasional fifty dollar rewards card at Amazon, rewards from the two places I take surveys or view emails. It isn't a lot. I did kind of save up for the Big Shot Plus I got last week. Otherwise, I'd not have gotten it.

Well, a couple of years ago I got a notification from UPS (who we use for our company shipping) about their rewards program. And I joined up.

We spend maybe a thousand a month in UPS shipping. I know that might sound like a lot for a small company, but each shipment is between $50 and $90. They add up over a month's time. And the rewards points are slowly adding up.

I'm still at bronze level. I was checking out what's available and the have Amazon products!  Kindles, paperwhites, Echoes! And I have enough points to get something decent.  Do I want a full sized Echo? Or another Dot? (The cats kind of screwed up the one I have in the family room. they pulled it down from the shelf it was on and it hasn't worked right since.)

Or do I just want to bide my time and build up more points and get a new camera? Nah, I don't care for anything that they have.

Gold level has a bunch of Apple products.  Well, I don't have to save up for those. A few cameras, but I want a small camera, not a big heavy one. I have a big heavy one. With lenses and everything that I rarely use. Checking out the silver level, lots of cookware and small kitchen appliances. Watches. Vacuums. Headphones, Bose speakers. Nothing that really grabs me.

So, it looks like I'll be spending all of my points on the Bronze level. Yay! 

I think I'll get an Amazon Echo to start with. Then move this little Dot that may or may not be healthy, back to the office and I can drop in on Brian. Or do I want an Echo Spot?  Nah, I don't need another clock, I'm going with the Echo, for a thousand points less. And when I build up enough points, maybe I'll get another Dot...

I love getting stuff in the mail. Even if I have to send it to myself. lol!


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