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      Saturday, August 10, 2013

07:45 PM - 08/10/2013

The topic: Remember my rant about someone having my login info?


This morning I turn on my computer. The regedit window is up. Huh?

I reboot. Same thing. Weird.

I turn on Trend Micro, which for some reason hasn't been starting up on it's own. I didn't notice it right away, it must have been a couple of weeks before I did.

I scanned the computer. Ruh roh. It finds a problem. I delete the files. I run a deeper scan with malwarebytes (the free one). Great. One of the seven problems it finds is spyware.password. Guess what? I think that's how whoever got my information.

So, I spend all day running programs and cleaning my system. Amazingly, Trend is starting up on its own again. Looks like somehow something got onto my computer (I'm usually pretty careful, but these things can slip through) and it put spyware on my system and shared my login and passwords. Great.

I've checked the bank accounts and credit card websites, doesn't look like any damage was done there.


But I'm safe again.

And I got a bunch of paperwork done. All the deposits have been entered into QuickBooks. Tomorrow, I'll generate invoices and reconcile the bank account. Four months worth. That's always a laugh and a half.

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