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      Friday, June 15, 2007

07:20 AM - 06/15/2007

The topic: Really sporadic entries


Brian’s brother is on vacation for three weeks.  Last week, this week and next week.

So, Brian is here or Brian is not here.  There’s no schedule of his comings and goings, so there’s no routine.

Last week, we went up to Disneyland on Monday.  When we got home, Brian checked his email, which isn’t something he does on a regular basis.  Lo and behold, there was a response to something I’d entered him in last month.  Chances to go see the new “Finding Nemo” ride, the big refurb of the submarines.  We could embark on Wednesday, between one and two in the afternoon.  Well, since we’d just been, we couldn’t really see any reason to go back up so soon.  After all, we’re going up again on Sunday (taking his mom to see her best friend and sister in law, who lives nearby). 

We never win anything and I was happy that one of us got chosen.  Tuesday, Brian gets home from working (although his brother is on vacation, Brian is not necessarily going to stop work, have to keep the customer happy) and said “I really want to go to that thing tomorrow”. 

So, we did.  The ride was awesome.  I was never a big fan of the subs, but this ride is really sweet.  When you “dive” and go into the dark, the magic begins.  Animation in real backgrounds.  I did bring the video camera along and took a movie of the ride.  The video is huge, though.  I originally compressed it to the point I do most of my videos and it was about 95mb, which is no small amount of space, but the pixelization and compression artifacts made the video, in my opinion, almost unviewable.  So, I redid it with very little compression and it’s now a whopping 245Mb of space, but it looks good!  If you’re interested, check out this link.

I had the dentist appointment Tuesday, took Rory back to the vet Wednesday (more on that later) and yesterday, we finally went to see “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”.

I don’t know what we have in store after Monday. 

Thanks for uploading that video. I’ve watched a few of them on Youtube but your video was far better than any I’ve seen.

Posted by Melanee @ Saturday, June 16, 2007 - 7:31:23 AM

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