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      Saturday, October 19, 2019

08:49 AM - 10/19/2019

The topic: Rachel update


I was remiss in the followup. In other words, I didn't do it.

She came through the dental fine. She had some really nasty things going on, crumbling molars, roots that were being reabsorbed, but that was all taken care of.

She's eating kibble again without any problems and is back to being her affectionate self. A lot more purring.

So, that's all good.

Bobby is also having problems, so we took him in on Wednesday. He would be eating and he'd yell in pain. Didn't matter what he was eating, kibble, treats or soft food, it would happen.

The vet found that on his left side, the gum area of his molars had pus. The other side wasn't as bad, but it still needs work. We'd taken him in a year ago September for similar problems, but nothing was done at that time.

He's an old cat at this point, so, once again, we're reluctant about anesthesia. The vet drew blood and started Bob on antibiotics for the infection (same thing Sammy gets). We made an appointment for this coming Wednesday for his dental. If the bloodwork came back bad, no surgery. But his bloodwork came back great, so he's going in on Wednesday to get his teeth all nice and purty and the bad ones extracted. The antibiotics are already helping.

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