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      Friday, January 05, 2007

12:34 PM - 01/05/2007

The topic: Problems with graphic programs


The past couple of weeks, I’ve been having some annoying problems with my graphic programs.  (One of the reasons I’ve not been posting much.) Like, they wouldn’t run.  Corel support was pretty much useless, they advised uninstalling and reinstalling the programs, which didn’t help at all. 

I finally narrowed it down to the USB tablet I’ve got hooked up to the computer.  Somewhere along the line, the driver became corrupted.  After I reinstalled the driver for it, the programs loaded up.

Except PSPXl doesn’t save the EXIF information when you make copies.  I found a workaround.  I save the copy, then close out of PSPXl, open PSPX, open the original and the edited copy, put the copy on top of the original as a layer, merge the two, and save with the name of the copy.  The EXIF information is saved. 

What a PITA.  Corel really screwed up PSP.  I wish JASC had never sold out.

I agree wholeheartedly!  I loved my PSP 7 and still use it but it has issues with XP I think.  Can’t do a lot with layers unless I get really creative on how I access them othewise it locks up and dies.  Corel is of no help…“why not try our _______ program”. 

I did buy PSP X when it came out hoping it would be useful but I find it annoying to use.  I miss Jasc too!!!

Posted by Lia @ Saturday, January 06, 2007 - 8:20:42 AM

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The latest patch for v.XI only made things worse.  I was really disappointed to find that I couldn’t put a memory card in my computer, go to PSP, browse what was on it and move to a new directory via PSP.  I even emailed them and told them so.

I’ve got v.8, v.X and v.XI installed. And each program has it’s own uses.  v.XI has some neat little filters on it. v.X and before save the EXIF info. v.8 I can use to download images.

Did you see where Corel bought out Ulead?  I wonder how bad they’ll fark that up.

As for Corel support, I’ve actually been on the phone with them. For hours. Not the outsourced support, but the local, USA support, where I could actually understand what the tech was saying. Although we walked through many things, it didn’t work.  I ended up reformatting the hard drive and PSP worked as it should. Then that darned driver somehow got corrupted.  Setting up a new user for the computer and logging in as that user, well, PSP worked fine, but I shouldn’t have had to jump through the hoops. Why on earth the tablet driver interfered with the loading up of PSP makes absolutely no sense to me, but it happened on the old computer, too.  I thought I’d checked that out, but I didn’t check it deep enough this time, I guess.

Posted by lisaviolet @ Saturday, January 06, 2007 - 8:54:08 AM

Yup, what’s fun about a program you have to fight with to use?  I bet they really make a mess with Ulead.  I can’t stand that auto update thing with the little messages about their latest program too.  Can’t get rid of them!

The other thing that was missing from the later versions of PSP was animation shop.  I loved using that and it’s another reason I love version 7 so much.  I don’t do a whole lot of graphics stuff but enough that I get frustrated with X.

Posted by Lia @ Saturday, January 06, 2007 - 3:33:43 PM

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