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      Wednesday, October 29, 2014

01:19 PM - 10/29/2014

The topic: Pete’s been sick


I think we've had a little cat flu going through the population and it hit Pete pretty hard. Last week I noticed he had runny poop. This happens on occasion, I wasn't really concerned, but I kept an eye on him (and his poop). It got worse. It got really, really nasty. He wasn't eating. I didn't see him drinking either and this really concerned me. 

The fact that there was no puking was a good thing, because that pretty much ruled out a blockage. So, last Saturday I gave him fluids and I syringed a small amount of Hill's A/D into his mouth. Sunday I gave him more A/D and started him on metronidazole for the diarrhea. Monday he got more fluids (dehydration is a real scary idea) and more A/D. Yesterday, I gave him even more A/D than the days before (I don't want to overwhelm his system). This morning he got a full 60cc of A/D (well, it was mixed with water so it would go into the syringe). 

There's been a definite improvement. Yesterday after he ate, he went outside and slept in the ferns for hours. The days before he stayed inside. And the first time I gave him fluids, he squirted poop, he couldn't hold it. Yesterday, he didn't get any on me and did his little squat once outside, so he's got more control. The meds are doing their job. 

And after his six hour nap in the ferns yesterday, when he came out, he started cleaning his butt. Grooming is always a good sign in cats. Then he went over to the pool and got a drink. As soon as I see him start eating on his own, I'll feel a lot more optimistic. He's just so darned thin, poor little guy.

This morning when I fed and pilled him, he was a lot more fighty. He really wanted me to let him go. With some cats, if they're pliant, it's not good. Pete is one of those. Right now he's back outside in the ferns. Sleeping is a good thing.

Here's a little video I have of him from a few years ago after a little nip party.


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