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      Thursday, April 13, 2006

09:54 AM - 04/13/2006

The topic: Overstock.com


Last year, when I started working on the Disney October DVD, I did a search for new to me Disney music.  Found some really nice stuff.  Yeah, I know copyright and all of that, but I give these DVDs to folks who were at the meet and don’t charge anything for them.  I’m sharing the memories.

So, this year, I do the same thing.  Look for music I don’t have.  Found some Japanese imports (apparently, they like their Disney).  I ordered one from Amazon, I got one on eBay and thought I’d ordered one from Overstock.com, for ten dollars less than Amazon had it. 

Yesterday, the final CD got here.  The one from Overtstock.  It is not the one I ordered.  I ordered a CD of Disney song covers.  This one is the Tokyo Disney Sea opening day CD.  Color me disappointed. 

The invoice/packing slip included states this is what I ordered.  Oh, yeah?  I surf on over to the Overstock website, log in to my account.  This invoice does not match my order.  I went to their live chat.  At one point, I was told, that’s what you ordered.  Uh huh, it is NOT what I ordered and what kind of BS was that, that they tried to tell me something like that? 

What the hell is this, the old bait and switch?  I don’t want this CD.  I want the one I ordered.  Then it comes out.  They’re out of stock on the CD I ordered.  Lovely.  You’re out of stock so you just automatically replace it with something that has the same word somewhere in the title?

Anyway, they’re going to refund my money, send me a shipping label to return this one and while I was waiting for the info, I went over to Amazon and bought the CD there.  Let’s hope it doesn’t magically disappear again.

And Overstock.com?  I won’t shop there again.

I’ve never been impressed by Overstock.com.

Posted by Lisa @ Thursday, April 13, 2006 - 1:53:46 PM

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