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      Friday, August 18, 2017

10:01 AM - 08/18/2017

The topic: Organize


The before picture. At the far right are the litter boxes. The black thing in the front is the heat press. (I want to find a different way of covering that and protecting it from kitty cats.)  The covered thing behind that is the hat press. I got it pretty cheap on eBay a few years ago. Because you just never know when you might need one.

After. A lot neater.

There are a lot more pictures, but I don't want to slow down this page. Click on "more" to see the rest. Oh, and clicking on a photo will take you to the photo gallery where you can see the photos full sized.


It looks neat, but over half of the space wasn't used. Because cats. They pee on everything.

I'm really excited about my new container. I can hardly wait to get started cleaning!

This is the other side of that pile. That table on the right is piled with some pretty heavy things. Like all of my embellishments (stickers, ribbons, battery operated lights), things I need to make my projects. One of my fears is the table won't be able to support the weight. It wasn't made for how I'm using it.

Everything that needs to be moved, has been moved. The floor is wet because years of cats. It needed to be washed. I did so with vinegar water.

The two drawer chests hold my stamps and other things that I don't use on a regular basis. Truth be told, I found some treasures in them when I emptied them. Like the printable heat press puzzles, coasters and wrap around can cozies. They needed to be emptied so that I could put them at the street for someone else to take. I got them from my mom's place after she passed away and they're in good shape. One is missing a drawer.

I got rid of the covers for them and emptied them out. I put notes on both of them, "free to good home".  The one with all of the drawers was taken almost immediately after I put them at the street. The other one, which also said "yes, a drawer is missing" because I didn't want people coming to the door asking for the missing drawer, just sat there. I brought it in Sunday night and Monday morning I took a closer look at it. Using a slotted screwdriver, I was able to remove a section and I snapped it back together. No more missing drawer. It's shorter than the other.

I set it out with a sign "free to good home".  It took a couple of hours, but someone took it.

Bring it!

Brian putting the container together in his shop. You can see one of the shelves on his workbench. He added a metal stabilizer strip along the underside of the front and back of the shelf. So, it should hold up to weight better.

Container in place and I've started to fill it. Notice the table is now empty except for a towel.

The table that had the embellishments was cleared off and one set of the steel shelves I had on the other table was moved over there. I had planned on putting all three sets of shelves there. It worked in my mind, but not in reality. In reality, the table is only 18" deep. In my mind, it was 24". So, only one fit.

Stacking containers on top of the storage. This is the front. I needed this to be completely covered to keep the cats off of it. It makes me nuts when the cats walk around on the beams because they aren't wide and they have to jump from one to another. Blocking access makes life much more relaxing. I put the printables up there and some other things that I don't need very often, but I can easily get to when I do. In this picture you can see my stamps. I moved them because I use those more than some other things. I didn't want to have to get the stool every time I wanted to use one.

Emptying out the paper storage container, my first Kobalt.  There was a lot of paper. Because of how everything is situated, it was a PITA to do. The door had to be closed every time I walked around it because it blocks the walkway. My arms and hands were full and I had to kick it out of the way.

I figure if the paper were stacked, there would have been about twelve feet of paper.

Already bending under the weight of the paper it held, me using the shelf to help myself get up off of the floor wasn't a really good idea. Brian fixed this when he took out all of the shelves (the reason I emptied the storage) and reinforced them.

Some etcetera containers. These hold scraps of cardstock, some vinyl rolls and my Minc reactive foil. I had no place to put them. I ended up putting the two steel shelves that didn't fit where I wanted them, back where I had them previously.  But these don't have to be covered to protect them from the sun. Or cats. They don't need protection from cats.

The shelf on the old table has my We R Memory Keepers punch boards, paper punches (Fiskars, Martha Stewart and more), fake candles, beads for melting, my project book and my little tool carrier (this has my cutter tools, glue, straight edge, scissors, cutting mat, painter's tape, Scotch tape and utility knives). A lot of this stuff was piled on a oak television tray and a bar stool on the other side of the old storage container.

The container in the middle of the page has my Imagepac stampmaker and all of the supplies I need. This I had to cover because the sun hits it in the afternoon.

My stamps. And under the table are my rolls for printing. The ones I mentioned last week.

A stack of where do I put this? The paper pads ended up on the shelves in front of the paper storage.

The new container, filled. Ink pads, ink, Stickles, glue, markers, pens, pencils, paints, Silhouette sketch pens, ribbons, Silhouette Mint (with a lot of supplies) and Curio, laminator, Big Shot embosser and embossing folders, decorative tapes, and all the embellishment containers are in here. Nice and neat.

Bobby, making himself at home. On the top right shelf are my coloring books and the paper pads from the television table shown earlier.

Paper storage.

Reorganized. It doesn't look much different, but the shelves are no longer bending. The very bottom has my paper trimmers and heat transfer paper for the heat press.

I'm very pleased with how it turned out.


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