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      Wednesday, May 01, 2019

06:48 AM - 05/01/2019

The topic: Organization


I have two embossing machines. The original sized Big Shot and last year I got the bigger Big Shot Plus.  The smaller one embosses a width of 6" and the larger one can emboss as wide as 8.5".

Some crafters use them to cut paper or fabric using dies, but I've only used embossing folders. Embossing enhances the look of the project.

Here are a few examples:

Embossed dots

Embossed bricks

Embossed bricks

You get the idea. And there are thousands of these embossing folders available. I've been collecting them since I got my first embosser back in the beginning of 2013. I've even tried making my own (with chipboard).

When we had the annual Disney meets, most everyone would send me their photos and videos and I'd put them together in a DVD with music backgrounds. I listed out the music so if anyone wanted to check the artist/albums out for themselves, they could. This was the cover for the music listing. The Mickey was just printed and I hand cut it out, then glued it on, the Disney 2011 was printed in color, then I embossed it with the folder I made. Then, I painted over with clear Ranger Stickles. Glitter!

You can see where it's embossed, a little off center.

Anyway, I digress.

Well, I have all of my folders in a storage container, with little file folder things I cut out using white cardstock and the Cameo. And I embossed the front of those so I knew what the embossing folder inside looked like. But I've gotten so many of these things (I get email from a bunch of different crafting websites and check out their sales, Walmart has them for cheap and Amazon has their add-on category), that my storage container is full. And since I got that bigger embossing machine, the embossing folders I can use are larger and won't fit properly in the container I have. And then there's the problem of the file folder to put it in....

Got it. I found some fairly large plastic storage containers for a decent price, the larger embossing folders can fit (barely) in legal sized file folders. It will be a little hinky getting those embossed, because they're 9.5 inches and the embossing machine takes nine inches, but I'll work something out.

Earlier this year, someone posted on a facebook Silhouette group, asking about this design on a card. I recognized it. I have it. I tried to find it online, checking my various histories, but didn't have any luck. I finally found it on eBay, but it wasn't actually eBay, it was a photo from a previous auction on google images. I found the name of the folder, but it's no longer made. Who knew? I guess it's like cardstock, they discontinue designs.

In my searching, I read on one webpage about storing the embossing folders and the author advised writing the name of the folder on the folder in Sharpie. Which I'm going to do, but I'll have to backtrack to find them. So, that will take a while, but I have a lot of time on my hands.

Anyway, that's my most recent project. And as soon as I feel it's safe to lift the storage container (it's pretty heavy), I'll get started.

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