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      Wednesday, December 09, 2009

11:07 AM - 12/09/2009

The topic: Online ripoff


As anybody familiar with Fish Wrangler knows, the best chum is Red Love Chum.  Except you’ve gotta pay for it, one way or another.  With a credit card or debit card or PayPal.  Or, you can take a survey or sign up for a service.

I signed up with Seattle Coffee Direct. For my “trial” package, I was to get mugs and coffee.  Twenty-five dollars.  I figured I’d just cancel after the trial.  But they started charging me for coffee delivery before I even got the trial package. So, I called and canceled.  I was told to refuse shipments and they’d credit my account.  And when my trial package arrived, I refused it. And when the first regular shipment arrived, I refused it. 

They had so many returns, I guess, that it took a while for them to find that both of mine had been returned. And that I’d be getting a credit.  Guess what?  No credit.  So, in October, I called my Disney Chase VISA company and told them the story.  I got a credit for both charges.  I thought that was the end of it.

Last Friday, when I was looking at my statement online, I saw two charges in the amount of $79.00 each.  One from Seattle Direct, the other from a company “shopcoffeedirect.com”.  Ruh row, George. This can’t be good. 

I called the credit card company and put in a dispute.  The woman I spoke with called the number they had and got the same message I got when I called.  “We’re all busy, leave a message, we’ll get back to you….”  She left a message and told me that if they hadn’t called me in a few days, to call the credit card company. 

Now, I get really irritated with our current UPS guy.  If he delivers late (which is common), he doesn’t let us know there’s a package.  He just leaves it and moves on.  He did this last night. This was from Cafe Saparito.  Another new name.   I called the credit card company and told them.  I wrote “refused” “return to sender” all over the box.  Brian took it to a UPS store, but since the return address was a post office box, they couldn’t accept it.  Brian was told “that was a smart move on their part”.  But I called UPS and explained the situation and they’re making up a return shipping label and that sucker will be out of here by tomorrow night at seven.  I know damned well there’s another box on its way.  If I don’t have the opportunity to refuse that one, I’ll have to do the call UPS thing again. 

I did call and leave a couple of messages to the coffee company.  Even dropped the F bomb on one of them.  I was pretty pissed off. 

The thing is there are hundreds and hundreds of people getting ripped off by this company.  The woman at VISA said they changed their names to confuse the credit card companies. She did send in a request to the main VISA that charges from this company be refused.  We’ll see.

And I did file a report with the Illinois Attorney General. It’s in the mail right now.

I did a little more Googling and got more information, like an email address and a street location.  Just in case, you know?

Seattle Coffee Direct
990 Grove Street, Evanston, IL
(888) 217-2233‎

Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

I’m glad I don’t like coffee!

Posted by Lisa @ Wednesday, December 09, 2009 - 5:06:59 PM

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