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      Tuesday, May 15, 2007

10:56 AM - 05/15/2007

The topic: One of the major problems


with having as many cats as we have, is when there’s an obvious problem with one of them.  But all you find are the signs there’s a problem, without knowing which cat is having said problem.

Example:  during the night, I was awakened by something falling or being pushed over.  I got up to see what it was, thinking that it might be the fake ficus tree by the fireplace in the family room.  I was right.  I set it back up where it belonged, because if I hadn’t, know doubt some cat would have peed on it when it was prone.

We go for our walk, everything is good in the world.  Then, about an hour or so ago, I see pools of blood on the hearth, next to where the fake ficus lived. Oh, my.  I got a couple of paper towels and there was a fair amount of blood to clean up.  There was a little splatter on the floor and after much investigation, I found a little bit on one of the cat tree platforms and one small drop by the sliding glass door.  That was it. 

One of the cats was hurt.  But which one?  And what was hurt?  Was a claw pulled out?  Was there a cut on a paw pad?  Did the tree fall and hit one of the cats on the face?  At this point, I don’t think I’ll ever know. 

I checked out all of the cats as good as I could.  Which meant tossing out evening treats this morning.  Most of them came running and the ones that came running, ate the treats.  So far so good.  Richie and Little Bit were the only two I wasn’t sure of.  Richie was sleeping in one of the cat beds, didn’t seem to mind me rolling him over and giving him a quick look.  And just a short while ago, I watched Little Bit run across the lawn and cat scratch her way up the swing in the back yard.  She seems to be okay.

As far as I could tell there was no limping going on and no sign of blood on anyone.

So, now I watch and wait. 

And that ficus tree?  It now lives in the dumpster, soon to live at the dump.  It won’t be around to hurt another kitty cat.

we had the same problem. 1 night we came home and found little drops of blood everywhere. after checking all 4 paws on 16 cats and 2 dogs we coult find any blood. then we saw. owr oldest shook his head and blood went everywhere. that explains it. he had been scratching his ear we think and cut the vein next to the edge of the ear. we had so much flour on his head (country remedy) (this was after the vet had closed). we got it to stop and hes fine now (this was several years ago). but boy what a mess. so try to see if its any of thier ears.
we didnt check anything other than feet at first. feet was obvious. but it explains how blood got on the blinds and walls. he waited until the blood pooled enough it bothered him, shook it off and waited until it pooled again and shook his head again. repeat. if he hadnt shook his head in front of us who knows how long it wouldve taken for us to notice.

Posted by The Zoo @ Wednesday, May 16, 2007 - 8:42:43 AM

Yes - the ears are a bleedy plac, I had my little boy Sammy have what appeared a big bleed, when a small chink of ear was accidentally snipped - by a friends metalic watch band of all things!

There was a lot of blood but just firmly holding the edge of his ear for a minute or two stopped the flows - and he thought it was lovely to get such a nice bit of attention…. purred all the way through!

My friend threw away his watch after we looked for the offending wapon, there in tamongst the links was a neat little triangle of flesh ad fur (YIPE!!!!)

My little Sammy loved our friend too much to blame him and Les was very releived when a very loving and purry Sammy jumped up on his lap for more cuddles… (It was at this point he slipped off his SEIKO handed it to me and got me to chuck it in the bin! - BAD watch,  Bad, bad, watch!)

Hop you find the injury and that it is only a nick, like my Sammy’s was!



Posted by Kerry LSM & Kitties Mum @ Thursday, May 17, 2007 - 4:51:00 PM

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