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      Wednesday, January 21, 2009

12:16 PM - 01/21/2009

The topic: Oliver & Company


The Disney flick.

I’ve never seen it.  I just checked my stash of Disney VHS videos and there it is.  Still in the shrink wrap covered package.   [cool smile]

We’ve got lots of Disney VHS movies, Brian’s aunt and uncle owned a video store once upon a time, back before VHS movies were affordable.  Then the big video rental places started, you know, like Blockbuster, the prices of movies dropped and there was no longer a place for their store and they went out of business, liquidating their stock.

I got one each of the Disney videos they had (if I didn’t already have it). I think they sold them to me for a buck a video.  Nepotism.  *laughing*  I’ve even got the famous “Little Mermaid” with its questionable cover art. 

After that, if a video came out that we didn’t have, I bought it.  And it appears that I bought Oliver & Company to add to our collection.  But I never watched it.

A Musical Gang of Animal Outcasts inspired by the story of Oliver Twist! On February 3rd, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment will release OLIVER AND COMPANY: 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION on DVD! Oliver, an adorable stray kitten (voiced by Joey Lawrence), takes Manhattan by storm leading a pack of resourceful pooches (voiced by Billy Joel, Robert Loggia, and Bette Midler) against a would-be kidnapper. Disney’s 27th full-length animated film features original songs performed by Billy Joel, Bette Midler, Huey Lewis and Barry Manilow. Bonus material includes animated shorts, A History of Animals in Disney Films featurette, and much more!

Well, somehow I got invited to review videos last year, Disney videos with kitty cats in them (cats rule, dude!) and I get advanced notice about upcoming videos and if I’m interested in reviewing what they’ve got, I just respond to the invite.  And I got the 20th Anniversary Edition of Oliver & Company on Monday. 

So, as soon as my cleaning chores are done today (like that ever happens), I’m going to pop this puppy in the DVD player and watch it!

Review to follow.

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