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      Thursday, December 28, 2017

08:48 AM - 12/28/2017

The topic: New system is ready


I still have a little tweaking to do, but it looks like it would be safe at this point to reformat the old system and get it cleaned up and ready to ship out.

Since I'd punched out slots in the back for the various expansion cards I'd used (for the FAX, for the firewire), I found some things online that will replace the punched out slots, so there just aren't holes back there. It would be nice to get the computers out by the end of next week.

The new cables should be here today so I don't have thick cords hanging down the side of the glass next to me. Brian made our "desks" when he was in the glass business and holes were pre-drilled in the glass when he put them in. The problem is the power strip I use has a plug that is too wide for the hole. He took the power strip to his shop and opened it up, thinking he could just undo the wires and put those UP through the hole and reconnect them, but they're soldered in place. So, that won't work. I got a short three pronged extension cord that should work, the old power strip didn't have the flat head and it took a little working the hole, but it did go through. I'm not thrilled with this option, but it's cheaper than a new power strip with twelve plugs, yanno?  Then I'll slide the strip against the wall, behind the computer and I'll have a little more space.

I also ordered a new wireless mouse. It was supposed to be here yesterday, using the Amazon one day shipping for prime members. I'm thinking that one day shipping thing isn't all it's cracked up to be. This is not the first time the shipment didn't make it here the same day. 

But it should be here today. Yay!

Yesterday I was working on getting the plugins for my graphics program re-installed and looked in the closet here that hasn't been opened in quite a while. The track is horrible, full of cat fur and dirt and probably a little old cat pee. I worked it open, didn't find what I was looking for, but found a bunch of specialty paper. Nice. I pulled that all out to go through it, now it's neatly stacked on my beading table. I had it piled in the chair that used to be the catcam chair. (Is it odd that I've had two inquiries about their whereabouts this month? They've been gone for a while now and I didn't renew the domain this time.) Well, Brian told me that it wasn't nice for the cats, since they like to lay in the chair, so, I had to move it.

Well, I need to print some stuff out for him. It's nice to be almost done with the upgrade, though. I hope nothing important is lost, like pictures or movies, but they're all someplace, I'm sure. I've been very good about backing up since I lost so many little movies when a storage drive died.



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