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      Thursday, May 06, 2010

08:07 AM - 05/06/2010

The topic: New doc


I went yesterday and he said that my back was really tight.  I didn’t have a normal range of movement.  When he did the reflex tests I laughed. I couldn’t help it, it was a like a reverse funny bone tap. When he got my left knee I came close to kicking his face.  He said my reflexes are good. *lol* He tested both arms, both legs, both hands, fingers, feet and toes.  He said if I have any problems with feeling in my arms, hands, legs or feet, to get back to him immediately.

He’s checking into a physical therapy that my insurance will cover and he put me on Naproxin, the same thing in Aleve.  Except these pills are 500 mg, not 200.  He said “as needed” but the pharmacist told me the best way to get them to work is to take the pill every twelve hours for a week, then drop down to “as needed”.  This will give the anti-inflammatory a chance to work.  The bottle says to take with food and drink a LOT of water when taking it.  I can eat and I like water.  Not a problem. 

Problem is if I get a headache, I’m limited to Tylenol, which has never done anything for me.  And I got a boomer of a headache yesterday afternoon. 

But I slept good last night.

I do have to go in sometime soon for a blood test. He asked me when the last time I had one was and I just kind of looked at him. Thought about it for a second and said “before I was married…” He game me that “really?” look. You know, with the lifted eyebrows?  Can’t eat ten hours before, they open at eight in the morning and I won’t need an appointment, just drop by and they’ll do it.

That all sounds encouraging!  My insurance covered 80% of my PT after I paid the annual deductible so it was like $25 or $30 each visit which got expensive quickly when going 2-3 times per week.  I hope he can find you a good PT place.

Posted by Lisa @ Thursday, May 06, 2010 - 12:56:44 PM

Check to see if the lab will make an appointment, even though it is drop in.  I have often found that when I have to fast, there are 5-10 people ahead of me when I get to the lab.  It is OK, if you are used to going hungry in the morning, but I have to eat because of my med’s, and it is very difficult without an appointment.

Posted by May Ellen @ Saturday, May 08, 2010 - 9:31:06 PM

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