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      Monday, November 20, 2017

07:56 AM - 11/20/2017

The topic: More conversations


So, we know from my previous entry that my wireless keyboard is being a jerk. I am also in the process of backing up my computer. Brian's went swimmingly yesterday, took less than an hour. Mine started at noon yesterday and was finally done this morning a little before six. (Old habits die hard, I'm still on the time thing of getting up at 5:30 to make Neecy her egg.) Well, it said it couldn't complete, but I think that was the making the disk image thing. It looks like all of my other files are there.

And just in case, I'm manually saving all of my little movies. Video snippets from through the years. Yes, they were backed up last night, but better safe than sorry. Once they're gone, they're gone.

So, I'm getting ready for two computers to be delivered today, a new water dispenser (hot and cold!) and hopefully, the rest of my cardstock (next day delivery in most areas, my ass.)

And Brian is going up to the L.A. area today to pick up supplies. He needs a check.  Company X usually sends him an invoice via email, he prints it out and hands it to me so that I can print out a check. And that's the way it should work, right?

This Company X also occasionally sends price lists. They send them in Excel form. His computer can't read them. Mine can.

He forwarded an email. It was blank. I show it to him. I tell him I'll get it from his email. I go to his email. Keep in mind, I'm looking for an invoice, so I can generate a check. In his email, there are two messages from Company X. Only one has an attachment.

Him: It's in that email. My computer can't read it.

Me: That's weird, it usually doesn't have a problem with the invoices, it's the spreadsheets.

I open the email. I download it. It's a zipped excel file. This is not the invoice I want. I extract the contents. It's the price list.

Me: Wow, they have eighty-two things they sell you? No, wait! This is a double list, they have over a hundred things they sell you? I had no idea!

Him: Huh? Who?

Me: What?

Him: Who are you talking about?

I looked at him. I turned my back to him, my elbows on the desk, my head in my hands and I just gently shook it back and forth.

Him: Are you talking about Company X?

Me: Yeah. What company have we been talking about for the past fifteen minutes?

Him: Well, I had no idea what you were talking about. Now you know how I feel....

Me: ~extremely puzzled at this point

Him: Wait. ~laughs~ Now I know how YOU feel when you don't know what I'M talking about.

(He has this habit of carrying on an internal conversation, then starts talking to me like I was there.)

It's gonna be a long day.


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