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      Tuesday, November 28, 2017

05:09 PM - 11/28/2017

The topic: More boring adventuires from the home of lisaviolet


Last weekend, I got some movies from Amazon. DVDs. I got all of the Harry Potter movies (only seen one, read part of the first book, still have the rest of that book and seven more to go) and the Riddick complete set. Unrated.  All three of them. In Blu-ray. The Blu-ray comes with codes for digital copies.

The movies get here yesterday, fairly early in the day. Delivered via Amazon delivery. I rip the covering off, find the codes and go to the website mentioned on the paper. Login? What's my login? I can't remember. So, I login with my Google account. Put in the codes for each movie and voila! I have three new movies to watch on Vudu or Google movies or Amazon! Or so I thought.

They didn't show up in those accounts on the Roku. Huh. Interesting. So, I try to connect the moviesanywhere account to each of those services. They're already connected. To something. What did I do? What on earth did I do?

I start a chat with support. Coming to find out I have three accounts!  141031022

One with Google. One with Facebook. And one with my regular email address. My Riddick movies are in the Google account. All the other ones are in my Facebook account. Which is the account that is connected to Google, Facebook and Amazon. There's nothing in my regular email address account. Swell.

So, she walks me through what I need to do on my end, it's fixed and a different department has to take care of moving the Riddick movies. That should take a couple of days. I can handle that.

I think that was my excitement for yesterday.

Today, I cut paper. I had gotten most of the paper for my next batch of cards on mats Sunday and yesterday. Not all, but most of it. It really helped out.  I had all three machines going. A couple of things I've learned. Not to use the Cameo 2 for heavy foil cardstock. And when I'm working with heavy foil cardstock, to wash my hands first. Especially if I've been eating barbecue potato chips.

I mentioned going to the movie on Sunday. Well, my movie watch wasn't working. The battery died. I took it apart Sunday and found it has two batteries. One runs the light in it (which is why I call it my movie watch...), The other runs the clock. There were four tiny black screws and four tiny silver screws. I found the numbers for both batteries and ordered from Amazon. Then I put it back together and lost one of the tiny black screws!  It flew off when I was trying to put it back into that teeny, tiny hole. I did find another screw in a piece of jewelry that worked. But, geez...

The I decided to see if I could find my indiglo watches and I found one of them, took the back off and got the battery number off of that, ordered some of those.

They got here this afternoon and my Indiglo watch is running (it also has a light) and my Armitron watch (the "movie" watch) is running! I changed out the battery in my other indiglo, the light works, but the watch doesn't. So, I opened up my Winnie the Pooh mood watch and the battery was the same as the little battery in the Armitron and I changed that out. My Winnie the Pooh mood watch runs now! Yay!

I'm not getting payment notifications from our credit card processor. I called them this afternoon and it's not on their end. I put in a support ticket with my webhost. I was asked for headers of an email. I sent headers along with a message that they were from the last email I received (the 20th). The response? "We show you got that email on the 20th". 

What? No kidding! I can't send headers from email I haven't received! So, I sent back a message that I should have gotten two other emails, one on the 24th and one today. Didn't get either. Waiting on an answer to that.

And there you have it. My exciting life.




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