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      Monday, June 10, 2019

07:45 AM - 06/10/2019

The topic: Monday stuff


Let's start with the fresh stuff.

This morning, the crows were really obnoxious with their stories. Come on, guys, it's early, I just got up, can we keep it down a little? Nope.

So, curious, I listen at the windows, trying to decide which door I'm going out. Definitely out back. I walk out onto the patio and listen. To the east side of the house. That's where the noise is coming from. I walk over that way and Noobie sees me, jumps up onto the retaining wall, scrunches down and gives me a hiss. Yeah, good morning to you. He watches me.

Birds are still cawing. I walk further and see Pancho back in the corner by the gate. Curiouser and curioser. I walk in his direction. What are the crows so upset about?

Aw, they've been teaching Junior to fly. And there's Junior. Sitting on a stack of mulch bags, against the house. They're probably three and a half feet to four feet high (Brian bought a ton of this last year when it was on sale and it's still not all spread). Okay. We have a situation here. My experience is that birds are pretty easy to handle, but I've never handled a crow and I certainly don't relish the idea of being dive bombed by mom and dad. I shoo the cats away. Just Pancho and Ronnie. 

I yell out the front door for Brian, who was hand watering the plants (it's supposed to be hot today, it hit 99.1° yesterday) that I need his help. I didn't want to bring the bird through the house, I'd rather take it out the side gate, which is locked. He came in, we both walked outside, he got the lock off and unhooked the wire at the top and I reached over and gently put my hands around the fledgling and cupped it to my chest. I walked through the gate and out into the yard. 

I stretched my arms out, the bird in my hands. It didn't do anything. I spoke to it, I spoke to its parents, who were still yelling their heads off in the backyard. I was standing next to another stack of mulch, this one taller than me. I looked around, where to put the bird. Nothing looked right. I guess the bird started feeling a little more safe by now and it stood up in my hands. I extended my arms to inches away from the top of the mulch and the little bird took the hint. It jumped over to the top and walked around.

I went back into the house, washed my hands and sat back down at the computer. Within ten minutes, the squawking had stopped. Flying lessons had resumed.

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