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      Friday, April 19, 2019

09:41 AM - 04/19/2019

The topic: Mario


He had a followup vet visit yesterday to see how he was doing with the increased blood pressure medicine.

I went with Brian and we didn't see the vet, they took Mario in his carrier into the back of the clinic to test him. We chatted with the receptionist until they were done.

I told her about petting him late Saturday night in bed and he was wet. Not falling in the pool wet, but his belly, tail and paws were pretty damp. I felt the bed covers and they were damp as well, so I don't know how long he'd been laying there. I got up, threw on a shirt and grabbed the flashlight, went outside to see if there were any areas around the pool where he may have fallen in and climbed out, but there were no wet tracks. So, the pool wasn't it. The grass by the avocado trees was wet, so I thought maybe he'd gone that direction, but wasn't sure.

After some discussion Sunday, Brian decided it would be best to block access to the pool for a cat who couldn't see. Monday morning, he went to Lowe's, bought some three foot wire fencing, and installed it along the railroad ties that are used as a retaining wall down to the pool. Most of it had already been blocked, since we had Buddy dog so many years ago. At some point, a fair amount had been removed. But now we wouldn't worry about Mario going into the pool.

Then Wednesday night, I was having a crap night's sleep and Mario wasn't in the bed. I got up and looked for him. He was on the patio, over on the little fountain that's outside. It runs during the day. The cats like to drink out of it. And I realized that's where he'd gotten wet last weekend. The water depth was perfect, about three inches, so his back and head wouldn't have gotten wet. This was a relief.

Anyway, the receptionist said "maybe you should get him a seeing eye dog!"  Yeah, okay. She's got a great sense of humor.

They brought Mario back out to us and told us they'd call with the results. We went home. An hour or so later, we got ready for my third walk of the day and my cell rang. It was the vet's office.

Mario's blood pressure had dropped considerably, it was almost normal! The increased medication was helping. The vet wanted me to increase how much he got in the morning, another half of a pill and she wants a recheck in two to three weeks.

I'm hoping he gets some of his sight back in the next six months, now that we have his BP under control. My fingers are crossed.

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