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      Monday, April 09, 2018

10:07 AM - 04/09/2018

The topic: Love the hot air balloons


I made one last month. I mentioned I found a spot for it, but after finishing it and hanging it, I moved it to an ever better spot!

And I'm gonna make more hot air balloons! Different sizes! And hang them all from the same area!

Okay, here's a picture of the balloon I made last month (I have many more to add, but that's another time, another entry):

The wood frame here is a little over six inches wide. I think it would be fun to make balloons of different sizes and hanging at different lengths. I think six inches will be wide enough to let me do that without them knocking into one another and I think it would be a fun entry into the house.  Since this across from the front door.

The top panels on the balloon above are nine inch pieces. I've measure paper and the largest I can make with 12" x 12" cardstock would have fifteen inch panels. With that many pieces, I'd most likely print out my own paper. Which I did with the balloon above. For long time fans of the lisaviolet website, there's a section that has some graphics that I designed for use as webpage backgrounds and this is where I got the one I used above. When I showed this piece to Brian's brother and said "I designed and printed the paper" his response was "that's PAPER?"

Right now, I'm working on one with two inch panels. My sausage fingers are having a time of it, it was difficult enough to put these Irish working hands into the larger balloon base. I think it's going to be some sort of miracle if I can get this one put together smoothly. I cut out a lot of pieces, just in case.

I think the overall effect when I'm done will be pretty cool.

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