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      Friday, March 05, 2021

11:25 AM - 03/05/2021
We found a dime and a little stone that's shaped like a cat's head on our walk this morning

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So, not much going on. I'm bored and I'm antsy.

I find I don't have much energy when it's cold. Because when I cover myself with a blanket, that means it's time to sleep. And I do. A total waste of time, for sure.

I'm driving more, but not a lot more. Down to the drug store to pick up Bobby or Mario's meds. To the UPS to return Amazon purchases that I don't want for whatever reason. Mostly something was damaged, doesn't work or I upgrade the widget.

Mario is still kicking around, but he's getting even slower. And it's getting more difficult to keep his stool from being dried out. It makes me sad. But he IS still going, he goes potty in Brian's shower (easy clean up), he responds to affection, and still has an appetite. All signs he's not ready to leave yet.

And then there's Bobby. Bobby was diagnosed last month with high blood pressure and his sight has taken a hit. The vet says he's blind, but from how he moves his head to follow us makes me think he still has some eyesight. He's on the same meds as Mario, just not as much.

Little Bitty Dawg has discovered shivering gets our attention. The house is plenty warm and he doesn't shiver if he doesn't think you're watching him. But he gets a blankie put over him and he likes that. He's also getting a sweater, it should be here today. He's completely recovered from the health problem he had last year.

I got my first COVID shot last Friday. Moderna. The only problems I had was a sore arm and I was tired. But I feel fine now, so, that's good. The next one is in three weeks, then I have two more weeks before it will be safe for me to go out. I'll still wear a mask and practice safe distancing, but I'll feel a lot safe. Cool thing about the Moderna vaccine - it helps prevent transmission of the virus.

The other day Brian had to bring a heavy crate into the yard, so he needed me to guard the gate. Which means standing there with a hose and if any critter looks to run towards the open gate, they get hosed. So, I'm standing there, hose in hand, Brian is almost done, he's got the crate, he's backing the tractor into the yard and something hit me, hard, on my sore arm. Well, not the arm, but the shoulder.

A pine cone! A pine cone fell from pretty high up and hit me square on the shoulder. It really surprised me and it hurt like hell. Still does. I was lucky, though. Three or four inches to the right and it would have hit me in the middle of my head, pretty sure it would have knocked me out. Try explaining that to law enforcement. It didn't hit pointy end, it had rolled over on the way down and hit with the compacted wide side, the side that connects to the tree.

I will have more respect from falling pine cones in the future.

We've hit the time of year with four hours of cheap electricity. From ten in the morning until three in the afternoon, it's the super cheap rate (usually from midnight to six, weekends until four and holidays). I'm doing a couple of loads of laundry. Nice to not have to wait until the weekend.

Not much else. Just living. One boring day after another. I'm not complaining. I am looking forward to being able to concentrate on books again. I am looking forward to warmer weather.

I am looking forward to spring cleaning!


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