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      Monday, August 21, 2017

06:43 PM - 08/21/2017

The topic: Let’s not do that again


Back from the vet with DaNiece. A little after five, she laid down on the floor by the rocking chair, where she lays when she's warm, and she started seizing. I got her away from there and held her on the floor. She cried. It was not pretty. My first thought was she was having a stroke or had thrown a blood clot (family history).

Brian held her next to him on the sofa and she calmed down. He set her on the floor and she was able to walk, she seemed okay. She walked back over to her spot by the rocking chair and started to seize again.

I called the vet's office, while I was on hold I started to get dressed for outside of the house. You could hear her screaming from the other room. They came back on and said to bring her down. She was panting. She was panting hard and that scared me pretty bad. They took her into the back and started to work on her. We could hear her crying. At last, the crying stopped, but we were told she was still panting. They started her on oxygen and I understand that helped her a lot. And she had pooped (which the doctor told us looked really good). After that, she calmed down, back to normal. Blood had been drawn and the doctor was waiting for the test results to find something definitive. The office manager was taking care of Neecy, walking around, holding her. She was smitten with our kitten.

Anyway, we were taken into an examining room and her test results were all pretty good. Some of the results that were out of normal were due to her age and the stress of the seizures. The vet prescribed a very small daily dose of phenobarbital. She said that hopefully this will stop the seizures from happening again (recall, she had them back in February). She said worst case is a brain tumor and we'll just have to wait and see.

The vet was very happy that she'd gained as much weight as she had. That was a positive.

I just looked at the bill. We weren't charged for the emergency exam, just the blood work (with a 10% discount) and the meds. What a nice surprise.

We're home now and the last I saw of her, she was eating kibble in the office.

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