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      Sunday, April 06, 2014

12:31 PM - 04/06/2014

The topic: Last week, another wild hair was appearing….


I'm sure you've all heard the old saying...

I want to do some time lapse photography. My Canon 40D does have a timer on it, but if I remember correctly, it doesn't have a setting for ten minutes between shots. I'd followed a link to Amazon, but didn't want to spend sixty dollars on a timer attachment, so I headed over the eBay and looked for something from China.

I found one that said I'd be getting it Tuesday (April 8). Yay! I ordered it. Late Friday, two days after I'd placed my order, I got an email from the seller, that they were out of stock and my money would be refunded. But hey, here's a coupon code for a whopping 5% discount on your next order, as long as you place it within the next two months! Oh, and if you happen to look at the auction, don't be alarmed that I've raised the price considerably.....

Curious, I looked. Yeah, up from $13.19 to $113.19! Hmmm....and the auction was still active, even though there was none in stock....bigger hmmmm.....

Okay, now I'm not happy. A negative feedback is on it's way for this seller. I'll do this Saturday. Saturday shows up, my refund isn't in my PayPal account. I contact the seller. I get my refund. I ask on Facebook what I should say in my feedback. Got some great ideas. And I was advised to report the seller for bad practices. Not delisting an  out of stock auction, but raising the price. 

I wonder if this is SOP for this seller. I go check out the feedback. In the first two pages of negatives (85 in a month - it's a power seller and I can't leave feedback for a week, I'm supposed to "try to work it out"), I find eight instances of this same pattern. Yeah, that's not right. One poor sap even bought it at the inflated price! And complained that he'd never received it. 

So, I look for a way to report a seller. Their online reporting won't allow any input, so I use the call reporting. There was only room for three auctions in the complaint form, so she took  three auction numbers. I told her I have more! But she didn't want them.

We'll see what happens.

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