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      Friday, October 03, 2014

07:53 AM - 10/03/2014

The topic: Last walk of the week!


We did it! We walked every weekday morning for two weeks! And this week we only did the short walk once, the long walk twice (clockwise and counter-clockwise; lots of hills, some gradual, some steep, so it works our muscles differently each way). 

I really have to figure out something for the part of the walks where we're facing the sunrise, because that sun is bright. It wouldn't be a problem if we had sidewalks, but we don't and some of the vegetation grows right up to the road, so oncoming traffic can be a problem if you don't see it coming. 

The heat wave that was supposed to start late this morning started yesterday. It reached 100° at the house, over 103° on the thermometer back at Brian's shop. And that's in the shade. At least it's cooling off at night, this morning it was 61° (what they call a long thermometer). I like the cool in the morning, it makes it way easier to walk. 

About three-quarters through the walk, I put my gum back in its wrapper, because I was tired of chewing (why does this not happen with peanuts or potato chips?). I chew gum because my mouth gets so dry and that's all I can think about when we walk, so I chew gum. Well, we probably had a tenth of a mile left to walk and my legs, bless their fat little hearts, are getting tired. We're on a steep uphill and the sun is in my eyes, I'm having a hard time seeing anything beyond Brian's shoes. My legs no longer want to walk, they'd be happy with just a shuffle, but we're keeping up with Brian at this point. And just over the hill, it's all downhill to the home. 

I'm thinking maybe I'll just sit here and Brian can go get the car and come back and get me. But I don't. I keep walking. But I start talking, but not coherently, I'm breathing hard, my heart is beating kinda fast at this point and with the sun up, it's definitely getting warmer. I'm not talking loudly, I don't have the energy.  "So hot. Can't walk. Feet hurt. Legs hurt. So tired. Can't walk. Can't see. Thirsty. Mind going. Can't think. My head is leaking." 

Brian starts laughing, stops walking (we're at the top of the hill). "Did you just say your head is leaking?" I wipe my hand at the side of my face. It's all wet. I show him. "See? It's leaking!"  He just shakes his head and said "I've never heard that one before".  

Well, it's just the result of a heat scrambled brain is all. But I bet my blood sugar values will be way better next time they're taken, making this all worth it.


Good for you Lisa, keep up with the walks, they are great for you. I get to walk my dogs about 2 miles a day.  The cats (all 30 of them) do not go out so I cannot take them on my walk.
Walking is the best exercise there is….
Also I love to hear about your adventures and about all the cats…

Posted by Sue Miller @ Saturday, October 04, 2014 - 3:15:14 PM

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