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      Monday, September 18, 2017

05:55 PM - 09/18/2017

The topic: Last October


I got a new cellphone. Well, we got new cellphones. We had been using AT&T and for $85 a month, we got unlimited talk and text for two basic phones, service for my iPad and a whopping 300MB of usage.

Brian had been using my old phone. It was the same as his old phone, one of those sliders. His phone died, and since I had gotten an upgrade, he started using my old one. Then that died. He needed a new phone. He didn't want a smartphone, he wanted a basic phone. I wanted a smartphone, but all of the ones available for AT&T were more money than I wanted to spend.

Doing some research, I found that Cricket Wireless is owned by AT&T, so we'll get the same coverage area. And there's a little Cricket store not too far from here. We checked it out. Brian got his basic phone ($29.95, a little flip phone) and I got a free smartphone. Unlimited talk and text. Having a smartphone, I didn't need coverage for the iPad. I never used it anyway. And I got 2GB of data. For $65.00 a month. And using autopay, we save an additional five bucks. Since we've gotten our phones, I doubt I've used a whole gigabyte. And twice, they've upgraded my data an additional GB so now I get 4GB. For sixty bucks a month.

Since I'm always home, I've never sat down and learned how my phone works. I can text. I can surf the internet. I can make calls. I can take pictures. I can send pictures.

But can I answer the damned thing?

As I found out on the day we left Potter at the vet's to find out what was wrong, no. I do not know how to answer my cellphone.

So, a couple of hours ago, my cellphone rings. It was the vet's office with an update on DaNiece's phenobarbital value (perfect, by the way, so the meds she's on are the meds she'll stay on). I had told them to call Brian's cell, but they called mine since it's the number on record. The vet left a message and I also called back from our home line and spoke directly to her. (They can't call the home line because it's a MagicJack and for some reason, their calls do not ring through.)

And I sat down with my cellphone in one hand, the home phone on the other and started calling the cell. And through trial and error, I finally, eleven and a half months after getting it, figured out how to answer a phone call on my cellphone.


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when I get a “new” phone I go to my real computer and get on youtube
with the cel phone in hand ... and look up how to use it grin

Posted by Turtle Lover @ Tuesday, September 19, 2017 - 9:51:01 AM

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