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      Monday, January 07, 2019

11:39 AM - 01/07/2019

The topic: Lactated ringers


Otherwise known as subQ fluids. Just amazing how they'll bring a dehydrated cat around.

Sagwa has been a little off for a few weeks. Not really sure why. I hadn't been giving him his thyroid meds like I should have, but they seemed to bother him. But last month, I started him on the as he should have been on all along. I know they take a while to actually do some good, so I kept at it.

But then he started not eating very much and it was almost opposite of how he was supposed to be on the pills. The past couple of weeks, I gave him fluids on three occasions. Only 60cc at a time, but by the next day, he was like a new cat.  So, I'm thinking he's having kidney problems.

Which means he needs to get to the vet for blood work.

He loves the cooked chicken, hasn't gotten tired of that yet. As long as he'll eat it, I'll cook it. The problem is the vultures that come like zombies when they smell fresh food. So, I have to sit with Sagwa while he eats. But as long as he's eating, I'll sit with him. He likes Fancy Feast's chicken pate, but not like he likes chicken breast.

I have stuff I want to do, but I need my table to do it and he won't leave. I can move him, but he just comes back up here, sitting as close to my keyboard as possible.

If it was warmer, I'd open up the house and I know he'd go outside and lay in the sun. But the doors and windows I'd open are in the shade and it's barely fifty degrees. So, I'll give him more food (he's eating Fancy Feast right now) and hope that a really, super full belly will make him sleepy and he'll go snooze on the sofa.

And I can finish what I need to start.

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