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      Sunday, July 09, 2006

08:11 AM - 07/09/2006

The topic: Kittens!


The kittens are absolutely the cutest things in my life right now (sorry, Brian).

They started sleeping with us a couple of nights ago (a few Sundays ago Ron Howard was on the bed in the morning and had to pee; guess where he went? they didn’t spend much time on the bed after that) and it’s just so adorable being woken up after four in the morning when they decide it’s time to play.  *lol*

They’re all over the bed and the bodies under the thin sheets. Brian’s feet get really hot so his feet will be out in the open, along with part of his lower legs.  Little tiny kitten claws feel so good so early in the morning.  Then they get to wrasslin’.  And so far, they’re right up against my back when they do this type of kitten play.  Oh, and don’t forget the tiny kitten squealing.  There’s lots of tiny kitten squealing during the tiny kitten wrasslin’.  And tiny kittens can squeal really loud. 


They’re growing, they’re sweet, they’re all over the place.  I started letting them outside last week and they don’t venture further than in front of the rosebushes.  Grass is something new and odd to them.

This morning their mom was even outside playing a little with them. She gets spayed on the 17th, it was the first opening they had. Brian thinks she’s going into heat. She might be, she cries a lot.  But she’s not crying so much so I hope Jackie didn’t get to her.  *sigh*

I’m glad they live here.

I can definitely identify with the kitten wrasslin’ on the bed.  We adopted a brother and sister recently, and my legs are all scratched up from their middle-of-the-night bouts.  Also, don’t forget the toe biting and the face licking.  Wilella is the queen of the toe biters, and Muldoon likes to flop across my neck and fart when he’s done wrasslin’. Which is worse - kitten squeals or kitten farts at 3 A.M.?  Also, did you notice that neutering doesn’t slow them down one bit?

Posted by Trudy @ Monday, July 10, 2006 - 10:29:34 AM

I’ll take kitten squeals over farts any time!  When I had a litter of 5, I would sit on the floor in the doorway of the room they were in and let them climb all over my legs and play with my feet (in thick socks).  For an hour afterward I could still feel their claws on my legs.  My favorite is when they arch their back and puff up and do that sideways hopping move.  Too funny!  One of them did that with my oldest cat and Leo just looked at her and kept on walking.  That little girl was one brave kitten!  My Leo is a gentle soul though; he’d wouldn’t have hurt her.

Posted by Lisa @ Tuesday, July 11, 2006 - 2:55:46 PM

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