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      Tuesday, January 27, 2009

09:26 AM - 01/27/2009
Wii Fit says I'm down .9 lbs since Saturday

The topic: Keeping stuff clean


Have I ever whined about how difficult it can be?  I’m sure I have.  But here’s an example. 

I’ve told you about the pee pads I get.  For the cats who know where the litter box is and know that’s where you poop, but don’t get the concept that you can also pee in the box, and pee in front of it instead (ongoing problem since DeeJay), I use pee pads to prevent the urine from going under the plastic litter box and being very, very difficult to keep clean.  Believe me, if you’ve ever smelled cat urine that’s been under a plastic container for weeks (where the HELL is that smell coming from?) you would do everything in your power to prevent it. 

Sliding these pads under the litter box has helped, immensely.  I double up on them and change them daily.  The dirty ones go into this diaper container we got at Wal-Mart.  And when it’s filled, I wash them (using that ubercool Nature’s Miracle laundry detergent).

So, last week I take the container outside and hose off the inside and the outside, wiping it down as I go.  I left it out there to dry.

About a half hour later, I went out to see if I could bring it in, and see what I saw?

click for a larger pic

A closer look:

click for a larger pic

Yep. Some cat sprayed it while it was drying. Cats. Gotta love 'em.

I hear ya…

Here it’s me pulling the full litter box liner out of the box and walking out to the trash cans to throw it away, and coming back in to find somekitty has peed in the empty box.

Why do they think I buy the liners?!  So I don’t have to wash boxes all the time.  Crazy little guys.

Posted by Naf @ Tuesday, January 27, 2009 - 9:58:11 AM

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