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      Sunday, August 27, 2017

06:48 AM - 08/27/2017

The topic: Just stuff


Not much is happening, it's been fairly quiet.

I've given up for the moment on getting the tags implemented. It's like my brain went stupid and I'm just not seeing it. I've contacted the software designer a couple of times with no response. But it is the weekend, so there's that. And I also put in a help ticket with the company that designed the weblog software. Last week, after I'd upgraded and I tried getting the code for the tags running. I gave up and just put everything back the way it was.

I thought.

For some reason, the only link that worked to the individual article page was on the home page. If you clicked for the month or day, there was no article. I paid for a support plan and used my one emergency ticket. And it was fixed in no time. I copied some code that I shouldn't have. But the plan is for a month, so I figured I'd see if they can help me. But, once again, it's the weekend and it's not a big deal.

And on that night, it was last  Thursday, while I was muddling through code, DaNiece had a seizure. She was on the sofa, I sat next to her and kept her from rolling off onto the floor. It wasn't as bad as the ones Monday. She seemed to come out if it pretty quickly, she jumped on the floor, walked over to her spot next to the rocking chair and had another. I picked her up, put her on the sofa and calmly talked to her and stroked her. This one was shorter than the first. When it was over, there was heavy breathing, but no panting like Monday. I held her against my shoulder and chest, petting her until she was breathing normally again. She wanted down, she got on the floor and just laid down (the floor is cool, she was really warm). At one point, she had left and I found her in the living room under the sewing machine. A half hour or so later, she was outside on the pet bed (it's more like a little trampoline thing, with a good airflow through it; forgiving to lay on and it's about five inches high, so easy to climb on).  I checked on her throughout the night and each time, she was still on it.

The worst part was I had to go through this by myself. Brian threw his back out last Tuesday morning. He was able to drive himself to the chiropractor that day, and it helped a little, but Wednesday he could barely move. It's getting better, but it's not going as quickly as he'd like. He's not doing anything work related, not even answering the phone. People would call the company line, it wasn't answered, then they'd call his cell phone. Which didn't get answered either. I've been going through his mail, getting rid of the junk stuff so it won't be so bad when he gets back up.

Because he's not up, I had to leave my comfort zone. Ever since the accident I had, I've driven less and less. Well, the passenger speaker being out didn't help, either. No music blasting kind of took the joy out of going anywhere. Singing at the top of my lungs. Yes, I'm that driver.  Well, that got fixed earlier this year, but I still hadn't gotten back into the swing of leaving the house by myself. But last week I had to. I was out of blood pressure meds.

I had called in our refills last Sunday (automated). I had no refills, so they had to call my doctor. I called the pharmacy on Wednesday to see if the doctor had okayed it. Nope, nothing. So, I called my doctor's office. Turns out, the doctor has me listed under my first name. The prescription is under my middle name. Which is the name I've been called my entire life. (Note to new parents: please don't call your child by their middle name...if you must, just make their middle name their first name...all of my official papers have my full name spelled out, no initials, so when there's a question about my identity, it's easily answered).

When I found out the problem, I said "thanks mom, thanks dad" and the lady on the other end just laughed. So, she said she'd get it taken care of. My last pill was Thursday, I just figured maybe Brian would be feeling better enough to go to Costco. I called Costco on Thursday to see if the prescription had been filled and it had. Yay!

But Brian wasn't going anywhere. Friday morning, I took a shower, put on bra (!) when I got dressed and off I went. Traffic was really light, the music was really loud and I was in my element. Got to Costco, got the paper towels and cheese, then went over to the pharmacy where there was a short line. I checked my phone and I had a message from Amazon that my order of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 wouldn't ship until this Wednesday. (It should have shipped last Tuesday.) Did I want to cancel? I'd know in a minute.

I got the prescriptions, then went back into the shopping area of the warehouse and looked for the DVDs. Found them, there were only three or four copies of GotGV2. I picked one up and put it in the cart. And when I was waiting in line to pay for my items, I cancelled the order at Amazon. When I got home, I checked, they had a notice that it was taking one to three weeks to ship. What's up with that? Costco having so few and Amazon running out? Weird.

Got home. That wasn't so bad. Friday night I went down to the local Mexican hole in the wall restaurant and got a quesadilla and a bean and cheese burrito for dinner. Took them home, split them (the portions are huge) and that was dinner. Twice in one day! I was proud of myself.

Yesterday, Brian spent most of the day out here. He did take a shower, which made him feel a little more human, but didn't do much for his back. We ended up watching Marvel's "The Defenders" on Netflix. We watched five episodes, have three more for the season.

Well, he's up and about, guess I'll get busy doing something.

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