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      Monday, April 09, 2018

09:07 AM - 04/09/2018

The topic: I’ve been nagging for a while


Our pool pump is old and NOT energy efficient. I've been on him a while to do something about it. More so since I've had access to our utility company's website. I could see exactly when the pool pump came on and when it went off by the energy use chart.

Earlier this year we went to the "time of use" option for getting charged for what we use and he started running the pool during the night. Then, last month, the flow valve or something, the thing he uses to backwash the filters, broke. It leaked, a lot, when the pump was running. The pool has been off for a month.

Our latest bill is down over a hundred dollars.

Anyway, he bought a new piece so it no longer leaked. The pool got less green (a month of not running kind of does nothing for the algae growth), but it's still bad. So, last week, after all these years, we finally ordered a newer pump. One that isn't as powerful as the other one (which was overkill for the size of our pool) and better at using energy efficiently. Brian found another pool vacuum, and that was ordered. We ordered new filters for the filter. Locally, those were over twenty-five bucks each and there are eight of them. We got a full set online for $140.00.

The pump got here Friday. The vacuum should be here today. The filters were ordered later and should be shipping tomorrow from back east. With any luck, they'll be here by the end of the week.

Next weekend, Brian is going to do something he's been talking about doing for a while now. Redoing the pool pump area. Moving the pump, rebuilding the deck it's on, a lot of work. But it's nice that he's finally getting around to it.

We had a little shouting match a little bit ago, not that we yell much, but my tolerance level for raised voices is lower than it's ever been right now, I've not been feeling well for a week or so and I yelled at him to "QUIT YELLING AT ME!"  when he moved mail in his inbox and doesn't know where he moved it. We all get frustrated, but if you want my help, don't effing yell at me.

So, I guess he had a question and he just emailed it to me (I'm at my workstation in the family room, doing a little gluing). I had to laugh.

Anyway, it will be nice when this is all done.

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