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      Saturday, September 16, 2017

07:53 AM - 09/16/2017

The topic: It’s cooled off some!


I am so ready for summer to be over and done.

I've killed two mosquitoes in the past two days with my bare hands. They were flying in front of me and I clapped my hands on the little motherf*ckers. One fell to my desk pad, legs twitching and I smooshed it. There was blood. My blood most likely. Rat bastards. I gotta say that pet spray has made me a little less of a miserable bitch since I started using it.

Skippy seems to be doing better. He hasn't spent the night in the home hospital since last weekend. I do take him in there to give him fluids, which he still needs. But he's running in for eats now and more affectionate. During the night, he ends up in the bedroom on the bed. Sometimes on one of us. He's back outside by the morning.

His nose is still runny and still gets that mixture of snot and dirt, kind of reminds me of the crust on a well marinated roast. You're welcome for that visual.

I was a little concerned with Sagwa yesterday as he didn't want to eat anything. After what we went through with him earlier this summer, I really don't want it to come back, whatever it was. He got lots of love and attention yesterday, lots of flea combing as well. Last night his appetite had picked up and this morning he was in the kitchen begging when I made DaNiece's egg. When I came back to the office to check my morning stuff, Skippy came in looking for food, I got the soft food out of the fridge, he ate his fill, the Sagwa ate a whole lot. He's asleep on my desk right now. Next to the bloody remains of that mosquito.

We have an appointment for Opie on Monday, a geriatric check up. Rocky and DaNiece both need to go in next week for rechecks. Rocky is a horror to medicate. You'd think I was trying to kill him.

I think DaNiece's prescription for the pheno might be a little strong, she sleeps so much anymore. And whatever was going on with her right leg doesn't look good to me. You know how sometimes when you're standing or walking and a knee just noodles for no reason? And you kind of lose your balance? It looks like that. But then she rights herself and it's okay. She favors that side, but can still jump and climb onto the sofa. It's weird. I'll bring that up at her recheck.

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