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      Tuesday, July 31, 2018

06:18 AM - 07/31/2018

The topic: It’s been kind of busy here


Nothing really big, just lots of stuff that took time.

The week of July 8th, one of the websites I hang out had it's fourth birthday. There were contests and prizes. I don't know how I did it, but I "won" nine mystery bags through the week, after having purchased one. It was fun interacting with the community.  I spent more time playing there than doing anything else (that I can think of).

Anyway, the following week, the mystery bags started to show up. I got some pretty nice stuff, I can't complain. There's not much there I'll use and I know I can't keep it just because it's really neat. I have a lot of "really neat" that I've never played with, so, at my advanced age, reality finally kicked in and I'll keep a couple of things, like the nice Food Saver system, but the rest, like kids socks, decks of cards, camera lens kits for smart phones, an expensive facial kit, a fancy air brush (I don't blow my hair dry, ever), headphones, ear buds, just all kinds of things, will be taken over to the vet's office for the guys there to play with. They have younger kids and I'm sure a lot of this will end up at their houses. Going through it all kept me busy.

Then, the color on our television got really bad. It's been going out for a while, but it finally caved. I did the research (the actual size of the television is an issue, we have an entertainment center and it has to fit) and found one that would work nicely. I researched the television and went through a list of things I'd need. It got here last Wednesday afternoon and Brian took the old set out and got the new one installed. I started my work when he had finished.

Thursday night, Friday, Saturday and Sunday were filled with getting everything up and running. I was pretty darned close on what I'd need, except what I had been looking at for connections for devices wasn't what I'd found during my research. I had to order a couple of things. More HDMI cables, three foot and six foot lengths. The Roku Express wasn't strong enough to pull in a decent WiFi signal so I ordered a new Roku. But the new Roku did not have a second output for audio, just the HDMI. The television set has one audio output. An optical audio thingy. I don't have any of those. Our receiver is an old one, but it works, it does the job. We get our surround sound with it. Not anything like they have available nowadays, but it works for us.

It only has RCA. And what I did a long time ago, was get an RCA switchbox and each one of the devices plugs into that and I can chose which device to send to the receiver so that we can listen to it. Last week I made the labels for it. Blu-Ray (an old player), Roku, cable, DVD (the six disk player, the one we most often use) and the television. By Sunday night, I was almost done. I ordered a couple of adapters from Amazon Sunday morning (for the Roku and the optical audio for the television and the three foot HDMI cables) and they got here fairly late in the afternoon. We watched some television, Brian went into the office to do a last check on emails so I had him pull out the entertainment unit and pulled the stuff through that I needed and he pushed it back in. He went to bed and I was up until almost midnight getting the sound to work correctly on what we used (like the Bluetooth headsets when we were watching something where the sound was really loud during car races and gunfire, but when people were talking, you couldn't hear them).

And then, I couldn't sleep. My hip was killing me from climbing the stool the previous days and it's been hot and sleep did not come. I took to Advil PM and I slept for maybe an hour and a half, then woke up. Wide awake. It's not that my mind was busy, I just couldn't get comfortable. So, yesterday was pretty much wasted. I did have to reset up all of our streaming accounts (did you know on Vudu you're only allowed eight devices? I found that out...I had to remove some from the account online, Rokus that had been replaced). But I slept like a baby last night.

And that's been the past couple of weeks.

Now I can get back to crafting!


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