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      Tuesday, May 26, 2020

11:17 AM - 05/26/2020

The topic: It started Friday morning


I went out as I usually do after I get up, to do a kitty headcount. Nooby wasn't visible. I called him and he came running from around the side of the house. The side with the garage door and the catnip. Okay, all accounted for.

Came inside, got my morning meds, started up the computer, gave the cats who wanted them treats. Went online.

Brian asks "did you see the fencing over the gate this morning? What about Nooby? Did you see him? Have you seen all of the cats this morning?"  Didn't see the fence, saw Nooby. I'm pretty sure I've seen all of the cats. Why?

This section of the fencing over the gate had been pulled flat, out towards the street. Nooby was on the outside of the fence. Luckily, he came right to Brian when Brian called him.

The fencing along side the house. And my sad little catnip patch.

I do a quick pass through the house, found all cats alive and well. Now, to try to figure out what happened. The only thing we could come up with was someone tried to get into the yard by pulling on the fence. If it had happened from one of the cats, it would have been pulled inward. Not a good thing.

Friday, I ordered wind chimes from Amazon. The fence used to have a lot of them, when we had younger more active cats and movement of the windchimes would alert us to fence activity. Over the years, the strings rotted and the wind chimes went the way of a lot of things that no are no longer viable with age. Friday night, I spent the night on the sofa. Around 11:30 that night, I heard noises outside. I got up to check it out.

It looked like Nooby was outside of the fence. Damn it. I went into the bedroom and there was Noobs, up in the window, sleeping. Huh. So, I go back outside. It looks like it might be the cat from across the street. Brian came out to see what was going on. He said "it looks like Miss Kitty". I told him I'd go out front and get her and take her home. I went out, she looked at me and gave me a meow. Meanwhile, Brian was talking to her, putting his fingers through the fencing. The timing was perfect and she missed when she jumped down to the top of the fence next to the driveway. She was holding on with one paw. The neighbor's gate was right below her. If she dropped, she'd for sure be hurt. Luckily, I was able to stretch out and scruff her neck, pulling her to me.

I walked across the street. I could see the light from a television on through the window covering. I rang the doorbell. No answer. I knocked on the door. No answer. Then I actually looked at the cat in my arms. No tipped ear. Miss Kitty had her ear tipped because when they took her in, the vet told her that tipping the ear would alert the folks around that she had an owner. (Yeah, I know. That's totally not what it means, but if it meant she'd have a forever home, okay. They do keep her in the garage at night. Allergies are a problem for the homeowner.) I ran my fingers over the cat's nether regions.


This isn't Miss Kitty. I'm one hundred percent sure of that at this point.

We go back home. I take him in the house and set him on the floor. He heads to the sliding door, climbs the screen. Brian took him off and showed him the opening at the bottom.

And that's when the fun began.

Nooby was having none of it. Pancho was right behind him. No new kitties. We don't want new kitties. They were making sure of letting me and this new guy know that. The new guy? His reaction? Meh.

I'm serious. He didn't really give a rat's ass. I spent the next three hours outside, wearing just a teeshirt and my underwear, flashlight in one hand, spray bottle filled with water in the other. There was quite a bit of posturing from Nooby. New guy just ignored him. He was not interested in engaging in the least.

And Little Bitty Dog was in heaven. He was running around, chasing cats, playing, thinking this was the most fun he's had since he moved here. He was in and out of the house, watching the cats, running after me. He was smiling, having a great time. It wasn't making it any easier for me, that's for sure.

The new guy discovered the catnip and he went nuts rolling around in it, chewing on the leaves, stretching out... Nooby and Spot (who at this point had actively joined in the stalking)

I finally fell asleep on the sofa after two. Slept for about three and a half hours and got up. Checked on the cats.

They seemed to be doing okay, no big fights or anything. I was watching out the garage door, watching the new guy roll around in the catnip when Nooby came up to me. I put my hands around his shoulders and arms, making the move to pick him up when he snapped his head around and placed his teeth deep into my left thumb. Yowza. I soaked it in epsom salts and warm water, squeezing it to keep it drained. It was swollen yesterday, but I got lucky and it's gone down quite a bit this morning.

Here are some pictures I was able to get of him on Saturday. He's a really sweet cat, I even had him purring for me at one point.

Big heuvos.

So, we're gonna keep him. I know, I know, we said no more young cats. But he came to us. He'll be safe here. We're calling him Ike because the other cats were referring to him as an "Intruder Kitteh". And we're going with that. I.K. Ike. It fits.

I've sent a message to our vet's office about an appointment for him. We need to take Mario in for a recheck of his blood pressure (the old meds were not helping at all, even though he was getting a lot twice a day) and he's on a human med now. He's definitely more active, I'm hoping that's good. Maybe we can take them in at the same time instead of having to make two trips.

I want Ike tested for disease and we can set up for the neuter surgery.

He's pretty calm, not trying to leave the yard at all now. I am glad he has access to the backyard because he's comfortable there. I think being in the house would be pretty traumatic at this point.

But he's going to fit in nicely. I really believe that.

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Hi there Lisa! I’m Lynnerizer over on Meh.com and I just found out about your catnip. I was sidetracked after googling you and ended up here reading this great story. I did see what I think might be your FB page and I sent you a private message. Hope you don’t mind? I usually don’t do that but my guy Johnny is fighting for his life on the ventilator right now so i’m a bit out of sorts! I truly enjoyed reading about your adventures of your new family member. Hope he’s settled in now and everyone is getting along! I’m looking forward to seeing what else you’re journaling about, love this! Take care and stay safe! ✌❤

Posted by Lynn aka Lynnerizer @ Thursday, May 28, 2020 - 5:37:39 AM

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