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      Wednesday, July 08, 2020

06:23 AM - 07/08/2020

The topic: In other news…


I don't know if I've mentioned the raccoons and possums we get in our garage. Free food and water. The raccoons like to use the water as a wash basin as well. 14110418  This was happening a lot last month. The water crock was pretty dirty every morning. We thought the raccoon was trapped in the yard and one night closed the cats in the house and shooed the raccoon out through an open gate. Aaaannd the next night the raccoon was back. Even if we didn't see it, we knew it had been here by the dirty water. But then the water was dirty every other day and now, it's only dirty from cats with leftover kibble in their mouths getting a drink. Or is it? Cats?

So, we get raccoons and possums in our garage. Not as many raccoons as possums. In the winter months, the possums move in. Actually, that should be singular. Possum. I don't think it's always the same one, but it will take up residence in the bottom of one of the old cat condos. It doesn't bother the cats, the cats don't bother it and possums are great pest control.

Well, last month, on the 26th, there were noises from behind my beading storage cabinet. It's against the big garage door (our garage is another storage room, hasn't had a car in it in decades; probably around the time we modified the fence to keep the cats in our yard), not flush against, so there is maybe five or six inches between them. I want to make sure whatever is back there isn't stuck. Got the flashlight, checked him out. Not him. Her. And I saw one little possum baby, hairless. I don't know if there are more.

Yeah. The only birth at this property in over thirty four years was possums. She's still out there. She'll move from one side of the garage to the other. She keeps herself well hidden. She's super good about using the litter box to poop, not so sure about the urinating part. ne_nau

A couple of days ago I checked on her and saw a baby feeding. heart I'd love to see more, it was just a quick glance with the flashlight, I don't want to spook her, I want her to know she's safe. I just hope there's not a problem once she comes out of hiding. Hopefully, the baby(ies) will be in her pouch so the cats don't take notice and she'll just move on.


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